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#Genealogy - web page explaining all about the #Genealogy channel on IRC.

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       These are some of the sites I have been using to trace my family tree. Some of them have information on Norway and the others are on Norwegian genealogy. These are some great sites, I hope you'll enjoy going through them as much as I have. Goodluck in your own searches! 
       I am currently researching the name KAASEN. Tjostov Kaasen was born in 1685 and died in 1730 on the Kaasen(Kosi)farm, the farm was located in Bratsberg which I believe is now called Telemark, in the parish Mo, sub-parish Skafsa. I have no record of his father or mother, or where they may of come from. Most of my family came from Evje, Aust-Agder, Norway, this is where my Grandfather, Halvor Selmer Amandus AASLAND, lived before he came to Canada in 1920. The family originally came from Mo, and the surrounding area, in Vest-Telemark. If anyone has any information on the name or area please let me know!! 
       I am also looking for any information on the CENSUS OF 1663-1666 OF NORWAY, it was carried out predominantly by the Danish Crown.
    This is a link to my Father's site, tells of my Grandfather's life after coming to Canada.(click on the Canada/Norway Flag)
Canadian-Norwegian Genealogy Sites

Immigrants to Canada

Camrose County, Alberta Genweb

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Norwegian News is a page with a list of Norwegian newsgroups.
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Sites from Norway, USA and other Countries
Welcome to Norskland-This web site is dedicated to serving the international web community with cultural, political, and travel information about Norway.  
Rogabase-Internet guide to Stavanger and the Rogaland Region. 
Department of History, University of Bergen-The census of Norway from the year 1801 and more.  
Norwegian - American Genealogical Association  
The Andersen Family HomePage-Genealogy from Lofoten - Norway - Links to Lofoten - Pictures from Lofoten  
Norwegian Emigrant Museum  
Sons of Norway-A site to promote Nordic heritage.  
Norway-Helpfull Fred's Log cabin.  
Kommuner og fylkeskommuner-shows the differant kommunes, or areas on Norway.  
Minnesota Norske's...Norwegians in America.   
The Norwegian Emigration Centre-a wonderful site. 
Lee Genealogical Club-The web page for you who have Norwegian ancestors.  
The Genealogy Home Page  
Erik's Homepage-lots of links on this page.  
Travel Genie-Detailed maps for travel and genealogy since 1985. 
Randy's Links-Norwegian Family History/Genealogy
Rogaland Roots-devoted to genealogy in Rogaland fylke (old Stavanger Amt), Norway.
Cool Sites for Genealogists  
THE BYGDELAG PAGE -Emigrant descendants keeping track of their ancestral areas in Norway.  
Norwegian Email Directory-Alphabetical list of Norwegians on the net. It's in Norwegian.  
KRAGERØ GENEALOGYCAL PAGE-Has information from Kragerø, Bramble, and Porsgrunn as well as other Norwaegian areas.
Martin's Magazine-Norwegian Genealogy Magazine.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Norway/Norge 
Norwegians American Homepage-Organizations 
Norway Genealogy GenWeb Page-This is a really great site, lots of info. 
Genealogy Resources on the Internet 
Bolster/Bolstad Family Search 
Evjen & Osterkil Genealogy - Researching the Evjen and Osterkil families. 
Foreign Languages for Travelers -Learn how to speak some Norwegian, it will come in handy at some of the sites. 
Juelie's Homepage-Genealogy and Juelie's Olde World Santa Dolls. Have a look!!! 
Bob Risholm's Page-Norwegian/American genealogy site. 
Helm's Genealogy Toolbox 
The Olive Tree Genealogy Page-a Dutch and Norwegian site. 
Emigrants from Nordmøre-The places that are covered are Stangvik, Surnadal, Sunndal, Åsskard, Todal, Ålvundfjord, Ålvundeid and Øksendal. 
Brian's Hotlist-alphabetized list of genealogy sites. Hundreds of sites. 
The Bjørnstad Page-a great Norwegian site. Also includes info for a number of other European countries as well. 
Bill's Genealogy Page-an American site with Norwegian name information. 
What's Really New in WWW Genealogy Pages-have a hard time staying up to speed on the latest and greatest genealogy sites? 
OJ's Homepage-Norwegian page . . . in Norwegian. 
Stoermann-Næss Holum´s Page-emigrant ships with passenger and surname lists. 
Norway Family  
Searchable Genealogy Links-site list of genealogy databases that can be searched
The Documentation Project-A great site, lots of useful information and search areas.
If you would like me to add your Norwegian genealogy site to my page, let me know. I'd appreciate it if you'd add my URL to yours too. Thanks.
More of Norway Roots
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