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Honoring those who served in the past, present and future. May God Bless you and hold you in the palm of his hand. Below are the names of those in our family who have served our country.

Army Marines Navy Air Force Coast Guard
Anthony Baresicano
George John Barney
John Edward Barney
Raymond E. Bartleson
Ronald E. Bartleson
Jonathan Conti, Sr.
Norman Crouse
William Crouse
Andrew Jospeh Cujdik
Joseph J. Dembik, Jr.
Carl Eire - Purple Heart
William J. Famille, Jr.
Ignatius (Bob) Gladish
John Gladish
Joseph Gladish
Richard Gladish, Sr.
Stephen Gladish
James W. Grodzielanek
Russell J. Hoffman
Leonard D. Hoffman
Charles J. Holecz, Sr.
John E. Hudak, Sr.
John E. Hudak, Jr.
Stanley J.Iwanowski, Sr.
Joseph Charles Kistler
Stanley Koniecki
Paul J. Lacerte, Sr.
Kenneth Lange, Sr.
John J. Lukaszewski
Michael A. Nucci, Sr.
Michael A. Nucci, Jr.
Frank Joseph Poandl
Michael Salovay
Michael E. Salovay
Donald R. Schaffer
Charles W. (Richard) Sterner
Franklin E.Sterner
Walter W. Sterner (MIA)
Lewis W. Stutzman
Robert J. Stutzman, Jr.
Robert R. Snyder
Leon F. Thompson, Sr.
Jan Richard Witczak
Joseph John Witczak
John Stanley Witczak
Leo Raymond Witczak
Stephen Witczak
Theodore J. Witczak
Vincent J. Witczak
Walter Witczak
James M. Grodzielanek
Raymond E. Kline, Sr.
Raymond F. Poandl, Sr.
Vincent Martino
Frank A. Skitek
Michael Alexander
Joseph M. Banach Sr.
Charles Joseph Barney
John R. Crouse
William Crouse
Paul Edward Feraco
Michael A. Good, Sr.
Julius Gladish
William C. Harsch, Sr.
Bruce A. Mitchell
Joseph Mosser
Curtis Murphy
Douglas M. Musgrove, Jr.
Douglas M. Musgrove, Sr.
Richard B. Nelson
Tammy M. Reven
Kenneth C. Schaffer
David W. Sterner
Edison C. Stutzman
Frank J. Tanski
Horace E. Reven
Raymond J. Witczak Sr.
Raymond J. Witczak, Jr.
Alan Michael Hertzog
Daniel James Witczak
Richard Gladish
Ryan Witczak

We want to say thanks for all those who have served and their spouses and family members. If we have missed anyone. Please email us so we can be sure to have that person's name added to our list.

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