a fun place to go!

last update 11-23-2000

before the birth of this page,
i hadn't paid much attention to the internet.
chat and email were my only thrills.
but now i am keeping an eye open for
neato internet stuff that

i think you all may enjoy too!
so, please sit back, relax, and enjoy my page!

hence, w/in my web site you can view the various pages that i have made:

robin's personal facts


free jelly beans! & other food links

free, acquirable junk

some of the home pages belonging to internet friends.

free internet games
email gifts for your internet friends.

other fantastic links that i did not group!
(i.e. self esteem test? tarrot card readings & more)

ok, i've decided to give lpage another chance. i've returned their guestbook to my page. please sign it for me. (even if you signed my old one) thank you

sign my guestbook

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