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fun and games anyone?

i have found a free game site that i love!
there, you can play euchre, spades, hearts, backgammon, cribbage, gin, and more games with live people.
you can download the nessessary files to play at
the screen name i use there is "oregonlady"

i have definately sharpened my backgammon skills playing motif backgammon.
there, you play against a smart computer. it has nothing to preload.

do you enjoy playing bingo ? would you like to try and win $$?
it can be found here! and it's free to play!

or are trivia games more your style?
i believe the riddler contains a variety of games you can play and that
you can win real prizes!
warning: these games seem to be real brain teasers! please share your
attempt stories w/ me!


(some of these game sites require browsers that read java)

perhaps i'll give an email gift today!
or, i guess i'll go back to her home page