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email treasures!

here, you can find a wide variety of virtual presents
this is a must see! check this out!

need to make an apology? let mark's apology note generator help you!

this is a fantastic find! the famous cyrano will help you write a love letter!
(or a dump letter if you must)

really neato, animated, musical cards can be found at bluemountain greeting cards.

through this info beat site, you can register to
be informed by email of lots of stuff;
including horoscopes, TV listing, weather, news, special dates, and more!!
i love this service and i hope you may enjoy it too!

electronic birthday cards!

virtual flowers allows you to send beauty, (& with a little imagination, they smell wonderful too!)

now, i/we have "no" excuse for forgetting things!
the candor reminder service will email you with a reminder on the dates you specify!

would you like to send someone a post card on the internet?

go and see robin's fun food facts!
or, i guess i'll go back to her home page