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hello, oh my, where do i start? ok, at the begining:

i was born and raised in the classy part of LA calif, known as brentwood. you have probably heard of that place on the news as OJ simpson's home town. well, it was mine once too. until the tender age of 13, when i left. and that was definitely for the better, because i was a chubby little girl stuck in the midst of bikini-land and not too happy about that.

i moved to oregon in '78, and being the fabulous intellect i am (NOT), i managed to graduate 1/2 yr early! (which now is a major regret, for i missed the prom, grad ceremony, etc...)

about 1 week later, i moved in w/ my first-ever true boyfriend. we ended up spending 6 yrs together! wow!

while still w/ him, i survived a major car accident in '83. docs say it's a miracle i even lived.

9-5-92, i married an honest, clean man.

i bounced thru my life until 12-24-93, the glorious day of the birth of my son, Riley.

7-22-99, i was blessed with my daughter, Danielle.

my children are my life now. and i love it!

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