Welcome Friends!

We are a young family based in the young city of Pasig employed by the pioneer IT firm in the country - a subsidiary of the premier electric utility in the Philippines. We have two sons: the first was born in November 1994; the second in August 1997.

Thanks to GeoCities, we now have our own cozy little nook in this vast web - economical too! This site contains (or will contain) information about and a few images of this family for the primary consumption of expatriate friends and a few hapless surfers. Come back soon and see what's new by then.

NEW! Portraiture I received for Father's Day 1998.

If you think you (/want to get to) know us or just want to drop us a line of kamusta send us email without hesitation.You may also sign in or view our guestbook

This site has been opened - not always intentionally - times.

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