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Hi, Welcome to our speck on the web. My Husband & I are both Paramedic/firefighters in Ohio. We have two boys Jake(4) & Sheamus(18mos). The "Other" men in my life are Elwood a 4 year old Black Lab & Buzz(short for"Buzz Light Year")a 2 year old Australian shepard Lab mix. We also have a bunny but he's just a bunny..but dont tell him that. Below find some sites to Ems,labs and kids stuff..been sometime since I checked out all the sites,so pardon me if some of them are no longer in exsistance.

Visit Nurition For Life International..For more info or to order email me at www.tiggerrr_2@hotmail.com

Family & Friends Photos

Links to Child related Sites and Parenting

Parents Place
Internet resources for Special Children
Baby Care & Family Net
Kid Source
New P&G-Parent Time

Links to Pet related sites

Links to Lab Info
Acme Pet Info

Fun and info for Kids

Yahoo for Kids Only
The Cincinnati Zoo Home Page
Crayola Crayons Home Page

EMS, Medical info and The University of Cincinnati, Ohio

University Of Cinti. Home Page
Emergency Medical Services
Medical information
Cinti. Childrens Hospital
Alot of Cool Public Safety related sites by a California HP Dispatcher
Fire and EMS Departments On-Line
Mass. EMS Home Page lots of resources

Visit My Co-Workers Home Pages

You are visitor to this site. Thanks and come back soon!! If you happen to come across any good sites for Kids, Parenting resources or labrador retrievers, drop me a line at address below.

1996 haynesti@email.uc.edu

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