My Family

Here is some information about my parents, first of all.  My father's name is Thomas Douglas Fulghum, and he was born and grew up in the small mining town of Bisbee, AZ.  My mother, Lois (Glazier) Fulghum, was the child of missionaries to China; she was born in China.  They were both students at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL, and it was there that they met.  While a student there at Wheaton, my Dad saw the movie about the five missionaries who were martyred by the Auca Indians, and it was then that he felt the call to personally go overseas as a missionary.  My mom, having grown up as a "missionary kid" herself, felt God calling her to the missionfield, also.  The two of them felt called to serve the Lord at a missionary short wave radio station named 'HCJB' (Heralding Christ Jesus Blessings) which is located in Quito. Ecuador 

There are seven people in my immediate family;  aside from my Mom and Dad, I have an older sister named Rebeccah, two younger brothers, Brian and Kevin, and a younger sister, named Karen.

Rebeccah lives in Phoenix, where her husband, Keith, is the pastor of  a Baptist church, which ironically is called "Bethel Baptist Church";  the reason that I say that this is ironic is because Bethel is her last name!  She is a home Mom, and is home-schooling her three children, Zachary, Aubrey, and Cory.  

The older of my two younger brothers is named Brian, and he. too, is married.  His wife's name is Lori, and they live in Tucson, Arizona, where Brian serves as an advocate for foreigners who are attempting to move into our country, in both English and Spanish; Lori is continuing her education to become a registered nurse. 

My other brother, Kevin, is a Junior-High school teacher in Colorado Springs.  He teaches both Spanish and home economics, and is doing well in this challenging profession.  He hopes next year to be able to teach Social Studies, which is the subject that he studied to teach.  The Spanish he learned growing up in Ecuador!

Karen, the youngest of my immediate family, just married a man named Eric Sear.  They live in Denver, Colorado.

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