Where I Live

Jesus People, USA     (JPUSA)

Jesus People USA is a community of believers that believe in Jesus, the Only Son of God, whom He sent to this world to take upon Himself the punishment for our sins.  We believe that Jesus created us from nothing, and loves us.  Please take the time to link into the information about JPUSA

I live in a fairly small bed-room, with two room-mates (a triple bunk bed), so there is not an enormous amount of extra space, but the place is full of people with big hearts, who share my love for my Father, and for my Savior, and who are also filled with the same Holy Spirit (this is what happens when you accept Christ as your Savior), and so the environment is nice.  

Here at JPUSA, people of all ages, colors, abilities, even nationalities, are welcomed.  You should consider coming here for a visit sometime, to see the early Christian church in present-day times.

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