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gravestone Pet Cemetery (aka: Dead Pet Page)

Doesn't everybody remember their past pets? These are some of my favorite memories of just a few of my furry and feathered friends that I grew up with. Also included are some eulogies of friends' and family's departed pets. These newest entries follow mine, beginning with Laurie's montage and praise of her past soul-mate, Poobah. Please check them out as they are not only touching (such as Volker's, my cyber-buddy) and humorous (ever wonder why some people call it "duck" tape?), one has also now been published (Rosy, by Johann Klodzen) in Michael Capuzzo & Teresa Banik Capuzzo's book, OUR BEST FRIENDS, a collection of "wagging tales to warm the heart".

photo of Andrea Bocelli Andrea Bocelli

For info about this Italian tenor's life and career visit bocelli.deutschland, a comprehensive German site devoted to this incredible man. The English version of the site can be found here.

A Love Letter

Here is one of the most touching and heart-wrenching letters ever written. This is the letter Sullivan Ballou wrote home just before he was killed at Bull Run. The letter was read on Ken Burns' "The Civil War" while "Ashokan Farewell" played in the background. Have your tissues ready.

pic of maple leaf The Legend of Henry Brewster

Please read this wonderful short story written by my former neighbor Nathaniel Caretto when he was a 10 year old fifth grader at Whetstone Elementary School in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The assignment was to write a "tall tale" using hyperbole and similes. Once you read it you will always think of Henry Brewster in the autumn! (Here is a tableless version if you have problems viewing the above.)
Nathaniel also had other talents as a ten-year-old as can be seen here !

cows Kee's Art Work

My mother was an excellent artist in several mediums. I am so proud of her work that I just have to "show-off" some digital reproductions of her stuff. I have included eight pieces as thumbnails and also in larger sizes. The most recently added are: "The Family" and "Lattice Still Life".

pic of pool table Southwest Billiards

My brother David is also an artist in his own right. His wonderful woodworking talents show up in his Southwest Billiard Tables. Each hand-crafted, unique table incorporates a variety of Southwest features including hand-tooled leather, carvings, conchas, Indian head pennies, buffalo nickels, cowboy lariats and more. This is my "non-commercial" site about his tables. For the "professional" commercial site, visit:

Snares in the Web

Follow the links for some light-hearted fun, literary richness, cultural info, or serious social/political pursuits. And a special invite to visit the site of my friend, the late Wayne Kline. He lives on through his art work. The Rolling Stone Press

Anne's World

One of the most prolific web-page resources on the internet! An excellent place to learn how to build or refresh one's webpages.

Campus Lounge Chat Log

This list contains classmates from Spectrum Virtual University (which used to be a fine online school, but now has lost sight of its original mission of attempting to make online learning available to all) as well as others who regularly visited our now defunct irc chat channel, #campus-lounge. I have checked the homepages as of May 28, 2007, but not the e-mails. That is a much bigger project that I may not get to in the near future!

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Please visit once a day to help relieve hunger in the world.

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Find out how you can help relieve some of the commercialization of the internet via the Giving Back Campaign.

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Check out The Henhouse where a few hens scratched together The Grade-A Award for what they deem are outstanding pages.

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