Southwest Billiard Tables

by David Hamrich

photo of billiard table
(click here for photo of details of table)

All tables are built to rigid Billiard Congress of America standards. Only top quality Mali Billiard Cloth is used along with 1" thick, 3 piece slate on 8'tables and 3/4" thick, 3 piece slate on 7' tables. Tables are built with solid woods. Main Frames are a minimum of 1 1/2" thick as are all the cross members. All joints are screwed and glued. No nails, brads, or staples are used in the construction.

The Natural Pine Table (above) incorporates hand tooled leather with conchas with many bullet carvings (visable on the right side of the table). The "sights" used for bank shots are Indian Head pennies (located at the top of the rails).

The Mahogany Table (below) has many of the same features of the pine table, except Buffalo Nickels are used for sights.

photo of mahogany billiard table
(click here for photo of details of table)

Contact me for more information about these wonderful works of art! Or, go to , Dave's commercial site.

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