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Who is Victoria?

I am a Newfoundlander who is living in Calgary!!!! Like many Newfoundlanders, I often feel homesick and long for some connection to Newfoundland.  Please visit my Newfoundland Page to check out some great sites from the "Rock".



To Bore You

I have included, on THIS page, a background of where I am from and what I am doing RIGHT NOW!!!



Canadore College

I attended Canadore College, in North Bay, Ontario. I graduated with honours from the Computer Programmer Analyst program. It was a lot of fun, but very difficult at times. I believe that the program gave me a little introduction to a lot of computer concepts and helped me decide where in the computer world I wanted to work. Oh yeah, it also gave me a huge student loan debt that I am sure I will be paying off well into my retirement!! haha


Where am I now? In Calgary, Alberta! I am married to a wonderful man (Greg), and I am working as a Technical Writer in the Oil and Gas industry. Visit the site! Divestco is a great company with friendly staff and a top quality product. In 2004, Divestco went public, and it's enjoying tremendous success.

From 1998-2005, I worked as a Technical Writer for Global Positioning Systems at NovAtel. Visit NovAtel's site! NovAtel is a wonderful company, very silicon valley in atmosphere, and I enjoyed my job tremendously!

Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services

Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services

I worked with the Tandem Himalaya Mainframe at North Bay Operations and wrote procedures for the tier 2 support functions. I must admit that this place was wonderful to work at, especially the people I worked with. I was there two years before I moved to Calgary.




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Ministry Board Secretariat

Same spot on the earth as the above job, same staff, but a different mainframe.



Canadore College

Canadore College Help Desk

I worked here my first year of College. Not a bad deal to walk from class to work!




I was offered this position the summer after my first year of College. Have you ever coded scripts in R-Tree®? I hadn't either before this job! The company is now merged with Momentum.



NFLD coat of arms

Grand Falls, Newfoundland

I was actually born in Labrador City, but I moved to Grand-Falls in 1973, when I was two years old!! I went to Grand-Falls Academy from kindergarten to grade 12, and I lived in the same house on the same street until I was 19 years old! That's right, we didn't move. My family was rare. My parents are still together and I have two sisters, Debbie and Carol-Ann.


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