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The Details

It's Me!

Name "Daisy" (Tornado's Sweet Chrysanthemum)
Date of Birth5/27/96
BreedLabrador Retriever
HobbiesSleeping, Eating, Shredding Plastic Toys, Harassing my older brother
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More Info

I came from a breeder in Southwest Oklahoma named Clint Russel, to live with Jeff and Heather Basara. When I arrived, my adopted brother, Tornado, had already been living with them. Thus began the power struggle. At first, he could easily pound on me because I was much smaller than him. But NOW, I am almost as big as he is, and I can hold my own.

I, like Tornado, am training to be a waterfowl retriever. Unfortunately, I don't think I am quite as fanatical about this as Jeff or Tornado for that matter. But I do like ducks and geese, and can proudly carry a Canada Goose if I feel up to it.

I do love walks though. At night I will sit and beg at the door in effort to persuade someone to take me. I also like to ride in the car. I even went storm chasing one time with Jeff and Tornado. It was interesting to put it mildly.

Other Useless Information

My Photo Gallery

No, not THAT daisy patch!!!

Click HERE to see the images of ME (and my brother).
Click HERE to see some Christmas (1996) images.
Click HERE to see some Spring (1997) images.
Click HERE to see some 1999 images.
Click HERE to see some 2000 images.

My Brother

When you have finished looking around here, be sure to visit Tornado. BUT, not until you are done here!

My Links

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