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Ryherd,Ford,Snover,Kelley lines in Illinois

               Welcome to my home here in Geocities.I 
           am  a wife, mother of four, and a grandmother of         
                I began college classes in the fall
                of 1997. I graduated with an 
        Associate of Science degree May 1999. 
       I was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society. 

               Since then, I've completed my in 2001 and 

                 I've almost completed a Master's Degree in History.                                                                                                    Not too shabby for a granny,huh? hahaha

    I spend alot of time Studying, and when time 
    permits, I enjoying surfing the net,and researching family

        I've been researching my family lines about 15 yrs.

        I have some of the surnames listed below. I'd love

        to hear from anyone sharing these surnames or

        having information regarding them.

                     Feel free to email me anytime!

      Some of the family lines I've worked on or am 
              interested in include;

      CREEK, Killion (1750's and descendants)
             DEHAVEN, Evertt (InDenHoeven)and descendants 
                    in Pa.1709,and Franklin Co., Va. pre-1800.
             DEWITT/PAWLING/ROOSA lines in New Amsterdam/
                        New York 1600's and descendants;
                 HENLEY  in Ala. early 1800's
                 HOWELL in Okla.1900
             JOHNSON, John in Ga.1795?/Ala. to Miss. by 1840
                    then Joseph in Ky. 1870 to 1880 and on to    
                    Okla. before  1900
            JONES, Mary & Nancy In Va. by 1800 
            (Mary may have a strong ELLIS connection)
            LEE, Sarah m/Isaac Creek in Ky. early 1800's
            WALTON, Nancy in Smith Co.,Tenn. by 1830
            WOFFORD, surname in Maryland, N.C., 
                      Miss. to Texas by 1830's 
            WOODS, Zadock and Minerva (COTTLE),Ma., Vt., to Mo.,
            to Texas 1822
            SNOVER (SCHNAUBER ?), Wm. and Elisabeth 
           (ADARE/Adair?) Warren/Sussex Cos., N.J. to    
                 Franklin &  Hamilton Cos.,Ill. by 1840
            KELLEY, John  Ga.(?),Tenn.(?) and in Ill. 
                     ******        ****** 
             I am researching some of my husband's
                family lines which include;
               EAST surname early S.C 1700's to La.before 1812  
              GREEN, Richard in La.1790's in Texas by 1825
              GREEN, Richard is found in La.1790's and
                is in eastern Tx with several sons in the 
             RODGERS and ABSHIRE lines are from La. 
              to Tx. the same time period as the Green family.
            COLLINS [(Tryon Co.,NC/later York Co., S.C.
                     (1754-1800+),and La. by 1830.
            Sylvanus Gerrard MILLER b/N.C. and in Texas before the
            Civil War.
                He also has; GREGORY, ELROD, HANNA lines in the 
                Waco area of Texas around 1870....
                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                 I'm also looking for ALL..... RYHERD/ RIHERD and 
          variations of this name. Any information 
          or suggestions you have will be appreciated & I'm
          willing to share what information I have...
             New surnames of research now include:
                ENGLAND in Ky and Tenn. 1800- 1900
                FORD in Ky and Tenn 1800-1900(MonroeCo,Ky.1850)
                SMITH in Franklin Co., Ill 1800's
                BOSTER in Ohio & Illinois
                       Happy Hunting !!!!

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