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Ever since I was a kid,
Coke has been my favorite drink!
My family calls me a "coca-holic"~
I call myself a "classy lady"!

coke/cookiesI am in no way affiliated with the Coca-Cola Co. Just a fan and collector. I collect Coca-Cola bottles, trays, and any item that grabs my interest as I browse through flea markets, yard sales and the malls! Every year I collect Santa bottles and cans. I also have a collection of Kentucky Derby and Mardi Gras commemorative bottles. As I decorate for each season of the year, my bottles play a center role!! Many years I purchased Santa bottles for the children in my classroom (did I mention I taught First Grade?) After we enjoyed our Cokes, I let the children fill their bottles with colored sand, giving them a memento of their First Grade Christmas!


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New Orleans, Louisiana
The Crescent City
New Orleans

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Mardi Gras
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