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Wings Around the World Home Page

This is the home page for the Wings Around the World Web Ring.

This Web Ring is intended for anyone who has pet parrots
and has a home page about their birds.

A webring is a number of sites linked together so that each site in the ring can be visited, one after another. No matter where you start, you will eventually end up where you began. This is made possible by a short fragment of HTML code which the site owner pastes into his/her HTML page code.

This webring has been around for more than 3 years now, so if you have a pet parrot and your page is at least partially about your bird, I'd like to have you join us!

Now that Yahoo has purchased, I am no longer happy with the webring system. I created graphics that made the Wings Around the World webring original, and distinctive. Yahoo has done away with our rings' personalities, and made them all generic. Instead of the graphics and ring set up that is below, Yahoo will have all webrings using a plain vanilla navigational bar. The only difference from one ring to another will be the title on the ring, and some small changes in the background colors and text colors. Whoopie. For someone who has many rings on a single page, you'll have to scan down the page and try to find which ring you want. It won't be as quick and easy as it is now. Within a short time, the original coding for the ring will no longer be working. Therefore, I am going to make a change to Ringsurf for the Wings Ring. Please keep checking this page for updates.

Ok, I decided to go with Bravenet's SiteRing service instead of Ring Surf. I've never tried Ring Surf, so I don't have anything at all bad to say about them, but I've been a Bravenet member for a couple years, and had great service with them, so I decided to choose them instead. I have changed their coding so that the ring looks almost the way it used to. :) It is working, so you can sign up any time now!

Current Ring Members: You will have to delete the current ring coding from your page and join the new ring. I cannot do this for you. I'm so sorry about this. I would much prefer not to have to go through all of this hassle on my part, either. You won't have to make any changes to the graphics, however! I hope that all of you will rejoin the new Wings Around the World webring, as you are valued members of the Wings Ring.

Back to to speak!

    There are only a few requirements you must meet to join:
  1. Your page should not be a business site.
  2. Your page must be family friendly.
  3. Your page needs to have all links and graphics working.
  4. The page should have at least a paragraph and photo about your birds.

Some exceptions to the rules:
  • The webring must be placed on the page that your birds are featured on, or there must be clear directions to the bird page on the page visitors arrive at from the ring. Also, there must be clear directions to the webring, if it is not on the same page as the birds (or the main page). The ring can NOT be placed on a business page. It must either be on the pet parrot page or a ring page.
  • A ring traveller must be able to get to the ring in no more than TWO clicks from the page they arrive on at your site. That means the third page must have the webring on it! Preferably, the ring is on the first or second page, but if your site is clearly navigable, then this option will be available to you.
  • The ring MUST point to either a main "home" page or directly to your pet parrot page. It can NOT point to a business page. That means that when ring travellers arrive at your site, they will not arrive on a business page. You may have links to your business page, but they must be discreet. There must be clear links to the pet parrot page if the ring points to a "home" page.
  • If you do not have the capability to put photos on your website, it is possible we will make an exception - please email me and we'll discuss the possibility. If your site has a lot of information and stories about parrots, and is a place ring travellers might like to visit, then perhaps you can join. Or, I can help you with putting photos on your page!

It is fairly easy to join the ring. All you need to do is copy the code and paste it into your HTML document, making a few minor changes in the code in order to enable your site. You must also download the two graphics which go with the code. The graphics must be on your server, not linked to this one.

If you would like to join the Wings Around The World Web Ring, click on the link in the ring banner below or here to get to the form to fill out. When the form is filled out and submitted to the Queue, you will be emailed the code fragment to insert into your page, along with your site ID. If you experience problems using this form, please write to the WebRing Master.

After you have the code fragment in place on your page, email me and I will activate your site into the ring. To preserve the ring integrity, you must have the code and graphics in place and correct before being activated. If you cannot do this within the month you are allowed, please email me, and I'll help you out. If you are automatically removed from the Queue, you can resubmit your page - it does not mean we don't like your page, it just means you didn't follow the directions in time.

Please note the following information:
  1. You have one month to have the ring up on your page before you will be automatically deleted from the Queue. Please note that many webrings allow you only 1 to 2 weeks to put the ring on your site.
  2. You MUST email the Webring Master when the ring is on your page to be added to the ring.
  3. If you don't follow the directions and guidelines, don't get mad at me when I email you to tell you what is wrong. All I'll do is ignore the flames. This is especially directed towards those who try to join the ring with a business site. I have nothing against a business site - as a matter of fact, I frequent parrot business sites often. However, the Wings Ring is for PET parrot pages.
  4. If you email the webmaster for ANY reason, please always include your site ID and url.

Once you are a member of the Wings Around the World Webring, please observe the following Netiquette:
  • If you change your website to another server, move your ring to another page, or change your email address, please email me to change it for you. In the future, I may have a link listed here so that you can edit your own site.
  • If you take down your website, or your page on parrots, kindly use that same edit page to remove your site from the ring, or again, email me to have me do it.
  • I don't email ring sites often, but if I find an error in the ring on your page, I will email you, and possibly move your page to the Queue, depending on the error. I will expect an answer in a reasonable amount of time. If not, I will move your site to the Queue, if I haven't already. Once there, you'll have 30 days to correct the problem before your site is automatically deleted from the ring. You will not necessarily be notified of the deletion from the ring, if you have not answered my email!

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This is the code that you will need to copy to put on your page. You will need to change some areas in the code to make it work on YOUR page. The site ID number needs to be inserted in about 6 places, and your name and email address. Please read through the coding carefully to be sure that you change all of the places. Make sure you take note of the ID number that you are assigned when you submit your site on Bravenet, because you will need it here!

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