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Bring it on.

My Favorite Links: I haven't seen the team lists yet, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict Rawb and Sully are the Two Headsmen of the Apocalypse...if they ever win a championship, it'll signal the end of the world.--Nostrathomas


If Thom's prediction is right, then start making peace with your maker because "The Heads" are poised and ready to win a Championship this year. Yes, it is true that together we have not won a Championship but, over the past decade, these 2 franchises are the winningest in the league. We have more top 5 finishes than any other franchise and therefore have been in the money more than any other franchises. Yes, yes, I understand that winning it all is the ultimate goal but, if you can't win it all, doesn't it make sense to win money anyway? Isn't that one of the reasons why we pay 5 places? You know what you Plebeians, just heed the warming and start praying to Vishnu or Davis Koreas or whoever the hell you pray to because this year "The Heads" will win.

You all suck, especially Darryl.



I wrote David Korresh, not Davis koreas or whatever you put there. Now fix it punk.

Sure, OK, I'll get right on that sir. *points and laughs* --Thom

Commish, You got Culpeckered. --Nostrathomas

Week #3

Melon Heads Drop: R. Dayne - RB NYG Add: D. Foster - RB Car

Hey, isn't illegal to steal players off Jamies roster? I'm putting in for Randy Moss and Marvin Harrison next week under the new Felonhead Rule!


Hey Sully,

Great Defense!! Does not appear to be the path to the championship as your fellow "head" predicts. He's getting desperate as well, he's picking up my cast-offs from the waiver wire. Both you Knuckle"heads" will finish middle of the pack.


Nostrathomas Crystal Bald-Week Three Previews

PBJ vs. Queer Me...they already went head to head on wednesday in the Vinny Testaburpme Bowl. QM lost and has to play him. PeanutButter says 'you ain't ready for this jelly.'

PB 31, Beer Me 20

Mo-Rons vs. JudgeDread..after knocking out three players in two weeks, NFL scouts would be calling Al with Defensive Coordinator offers...if he wasn't killing his OWN players. As for Sully...no one cares about Jugs that don't have nipples.

Morans 11, Jughead 10

Krackasmokes vs. NicePants...Jamie is starting Kurt Warner, but c'mon, even the Commish could throw 2 TD's against the Browns. On the other hand, his daughter could throw 4. Darryl should brought Larry and his other brother Darryl to the draft.

Jackalopes 43, GreatHands 24

Hoagies vs. the Stink...Emmitt Smith, are you kidding me? Do you pick up old cigar butts outta ashtrays too? The stink eats Hoagies for lunch.

Sting 37, Stogies 19

Melonball vs. Gumpback of Notre Dame...out on bail for Attempted Rob-bery, Piscetta's lineup is being made out by his parole officer. Joey Harrington has as much chance of scoring on Philly as Joey the TV show does of winning an Emmy.

Melonhead 29, Gumps 18

Spaz 2 vs. Koresh...Manning vs. McNabb is like 'Clash of the Titans.' Bennett vs. McGehee is like 'Bench of the Losers.'

Commish 27, Taz II 20

Nostadumbass vs. The Hef...Hef wanders the playboy mansion in his robe, while Nostil wanders the trailer in his underoo's. Who would you rather be?

The Ref 43, Nostrathomas 1

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