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On this page are a few links to Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches.

If you are ever in Northwest Mississippi, you won't find a better church than Calvary Baptist Church in Coldwater, MS. This is the church I have been a member of since 1994. Our pastor is Bro. Jimmy McCullough, a great man of God who is a fantastic preacher.

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Independent Baptist Churches with Web Sites

  • Anchor Baptist Church (Woburn, MA) is a church I found on the Internet that appears to be a lot like my own church. It is located in the Boston, MA area and is pastored by Chris Pledger. They have a bus route and go soulwinning twice a week. They also have an annual Soulwinning Conference in November which Dr. Bob Gray of Longview Baptist Temple comes to preach. As soon as I saw Dr. Gray's name on the web site, I knew this was a like-minded church!

  • Bethel Baptist Church (Walls, MS) is a church up the road from us, just south of Memphis. It is pastored by Ron Westmoreland.

  • First Baptist Church of Hammond (Hammond, IN) [unofficial site] is the church with the largest Sunday School in America. It is pastored by Dr. Jack Hyles who is my preacher's favorite preacher. They have a college, Hyles-Anderson College, which has been preparing many students to serve the Lord for over 25 years. Both my preacher and his wife attended HAC. Baptist-City is a site run by a member of First Baptist that also has many pages of sermons and books and Real Audio sermons by Dr. Jack Hyles. They also have a forum for people to discuss topics.

  • Lancaster Baptist Church (Lancaster, CA) is my brother's church. It is pastored by Dr. Paul Chappel. It is a large church that also has a Bible College and is active in soulwinning.

  • Lighthouse Baptist Church (Columbia, TN) is pastored by Dave Baker. One of the Assistant Pastors, Bro. Gregg Nash, has been to my church several times to sing and to preach. He has several music tapes and CDs out that are really good. One of my favorite songs that he and his wife sing is called "The Ships are Burning."

  • Longview Baptist Temple (Longview, TX) is a great church pastored by Dr. Bob Gray. They have many ministries including a super Bible College called Texas Baptist College. They are right behind First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN in Soulwinning. Two of the girls who used to go to my church are students there. Dr. Gray is my preacher's 2nd or 3rd favorite preacher. His son Scott Gray came to preach at our Revival in May 2000 and did a great job.

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