Soulwinning is an activity in which people go and tell people about Jesus and how they can be saved and know that they have a home in Heaven one day when they die.

My church goes Soulwinning twice a week: on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. We meet as a group and Preacher pairs us up. Ladies are always paired together with ladies and men are always paired together with men. The only time mixed couples go out is if they are husband and wife. We have a number of young girls who go out soulwinning as well and they always go with the ladies.

One of the partners does the talking while the other partner acts as a "silent partner" and helps prevent distractions. When a new person goes soulwinning they are made the silent partner so that they can learn before trying to win souls on their own.

We use both the Bible and special tracts like the one shown to show the people how to get saved. Usually it's best to use a small New Testament rather than a large Bible because people can get kind of intimidated.

I love to go Soulwinning! It is a lot of fun to meet new people and try to get them saved. It's also a great time of fellowship with the ladies and girls. The best part of all is knowing that we are obeying Jesus' commandment to "Go ye therefore . . . "

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Let Us Go!

Oh, the world outside is dying,
And the people are quietly sighing.
They all have tales of woe.
Let us Go! Let us Go! Let us Go!

It doesn't show signs of stopping.
They're all out going shopping,
Following our Adversary and Foe.
Let us Go! Let us Go! Let us Go!

They need to hear the Good News,
Come to church and fill the pews,
Know that Jesus loves them so.
Let us Go! Let us Go! Let us Go!

So grab a tract with Bible verses.
Put them in your pocket and your purses.
Forget about that TV show!
Let us Go! Let us Go! Let us Go!

Find a soul on their way to Hell
On the streets or in the jail.
Salvation they need to know.
Let us Go! Let us Go! Let us Go!

Our Savior said, "Go ye therefore,"
So we must go knock on the door.
"Well done" we'll hear, I know.
Let us Go! Let us Go! Let us Go!

By Ava Gunn
November 30, 2000

2000, 1999, 1998 Ava Gunn
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