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January, 2001

  • [01-11-2001] Added an essay on The Problem Science Has Jesus Christ.
  • [01-10-2001] Added a Poetry page with links to poems and other poetry pages.
  • [01-07-2001] Added an adaption of a Sunday School Lesson on Manasseh, a wicked king of Judah.
  • [01-05-2001] Added a new Soulwinning page which talks about the story of Philip and the Eunuch, found in Acts 8.

December, 2000

  • [12-1-2000] Added a new Soulwinning page which includes a poem I adapted from the song Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! to Let Us Go, Let Us Go, Let Us Go!

November, 2000

  • [11-30-2000] Added a neat news scroller to the main page.
  • [11-29-2000] Added a few new churches to the IFB Churches Links page.
  • [11-28-2000] Added a new page of links especially for young ladies and added some more links to the page of links for ladies.
  • [11-15-2000] Added some really cute graphics and also a link page to other ladies' sites
  • [11-14-2000] Added a poll to the "meaning" page, added a couple of pages about Clubs and Email Lists for Ladies and Songs to Sing on the Bus

October, 2000

  • [10-31-2000] Added a Creation Science page
  • [10-30-2000] Added some links Especially for Ladies (Praying for your husband and children)
  • [10-29-2000] Finished moving my Laura Ingalls Wilder/Little House on the Prairie TV Show pages to the new site: Prairie Homestead
  • [10-25-2000] Signed up to be listed on the Baptist Top 1000 web site
  • [10-24-2000] Added Hear the Children's Cry (poem by Kathy McCullough)
  • [10-21-2000] Added My Life and My Testimony pages.
  • [10-20-00] Added the SlamBook!
  • [10-2000] Worked on my Prairie Homestead Site
  • [10-2000] Added the Meaning Page and also the Decision Page.
  • [10-8-00] Renovated more pages. Enacted New Name of Site: Doing Business in Great Waters.
  • [10-7-00] Renovated Updates Page.
  • [10-6-00] Renovated Home Page.

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