On September 7, 1999 we Adopted Abby from TLC Animal Shelter in Lockport, Illinois. She was born without her left front leg and gets along quite well. She was born around October of 1997.

Abby loves attention and has the sweetest personality. Her favorite spot is to sit on her kitty shelf and look out the window. When she first came to live with us, she was a little shy, and would hide behind the couch, but now after she has been with us for awhile and realizes she's here to stay, her personality has really come out. She is so sweet. She loves a little catnip from time to time, and really enjoys her kitty treats. You could not ask for a sweeter and more beautiful kitty. Needless to say, she's one spoiled little girl.

If you would like to order any pet books online, please use the TLC Animal Shelter BookStore link below, each time you order a book from their site, they will get much needed money for the Animal Shelter. THANK YOU!!

TLC Animal Shelter Book Store

Books on Kittens and Cats you can order Online !

Any referral fees I receive from any of the books ordered online from this page will be donated to the TLC Animal Shelter in Lockport, IL.


Practical Kitten Care; An Esay-to-Understand Manual for the Health and Care of Your Kitten

My First Kitten

Brand New Kitten

Kitten Care for Children

Kitten Book

Cornell Book of Cats: A Comprehensive Medical Reference for Every Cat & Kitten

We're Having a Kitten!: From the Big Decision through the Crucial First Year

My Cats and Kitten Notebook-Blank Book

Kitten Stickers


Cat Lover's Yearbook: A Book of Cat Days & Cat Ways

My Cat's Book: The Who, What, when & Where of My Cat's Life - an Essential Book for All Cat Owners

Healthy Cat, Happy Cat: A Complete Guide to Cat Diseases & Their Treatment

101 Questions Your Cat Would Ask Its Vet if Your Cat Could Talk; If Your Cat Could Talk, Carroll & G

Is Your Cat Crazy?: Solutions from the Casebook of a Cat Therapist

How to Speak Cat: The Essential Primer of Cat Language

Official Cat I. Q. Test: Find out how Smart Your Cat Really Is

Taking Care of Your Cat; A Complete Guide to Your Cat's Medical Care

What Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You: A Head-to-Tail Guide to Your Cat's Symptoms & Their Solutions

How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want: A Loving Way to Teach Yor Cat how to Sit, Stop Scratching t

How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want: A Loving Way to Teach Yor Cat how to Sit, Stop Scratching t

Pat Widmer's Cat Book: Straight Talk for City & Suburban Cat Owners

Understanding the Cat You Love: A Guide to Preventing & Solving Behavior Problems in Your Cat

Cat Psychologist; Understanding Your Cat

Our Wall-Climbing Cat & Other Cat Tales

Diary of a Cat: True Confessions & Lifelong Observations of a Well-Adjusted House Cat

Cat Calls: Cat Names through the Ages, Historical, Literary, for Every Breed & Personality

Educated Cat; How to Teach Your Cat to Do Tricks

Cat Signs: How to Know Your Cat's Personality

Victorian Cat: The Classic Collection for Cat Lovers

Cat Manual: A Cat's Eye View of the Wonderful World of Felines

Well Cat Book: The Classic Comprehensive Handbook of Cat Care

Paws: Cat Riddles, Cat Jokes & Catoons

Man & Cat: The Benefits of Cat Ownership

Cat Owners Shape-up Manual: Learn Aerobics from Your Cat

Natural Cat: Understanding Your Cat's Needs & Instincts

Gifts for Your Cat: Over 40 Purrr-Fect Homemade Presents Your Cat Might Like

Cat Love: Understanding the Needs & Nature of Your Cat

What My Cat Has Taught Me about Life: Meditations for Cat Lovers

Cat Love: Two Hundred Ten Wonderful Things You Can Do for Your Cat

Cat Chronicles; One Cat-- Nine Adventurous Lives-- Each Lived in a Different Time and Place

Cat Legends, a New Beginning: Cat Nap Stories to Be Told to or among Friends of Cats

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