Some of My Favorite Needlework Books


Sampler Related Needlework Books

A-Z of Embroidery Stitches from the publishers of Inspirations Magazine

A Maryland Sampling: Girlhood Embroidery, 1738-1860 by Gloria Seaman Allen

A Record for Time (exhibit catalog from Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 1985) by Deborah Young

A Stitch in Rhyme from The Scarlet Letter

Alphabets From Early Samplers by Marsha Van Valin

American Needlework by Georgia Harbeson

American Needlework (A Winterthur Guide) by Susan Burrows Swann

American Needlework Treasures (Samplers and Silk Embroideries from the Collection of Betty Ring)

American Samplers by Bolton and Coe

Animals from Early Samplers by Marsha Van Valin

An Anonymous Woman--Her Work Wrought in the 17th Century by Kathleen Epstein

An A-Z Of British 18th and 19th Century Samplers (1993 exhibit catalog by Witney Antiques)

Antique Needlework by Lanto Synge

Art as Needlework by Lady Alford

Art in Needlework by Lewis Day

The Art of Elizabethan Embroidery by Jane Zimmerman

Art of Embroidery, History of Style and Technique by Lanto Synge

Art of Embroidery (Great Needlework Collections of Britain and the United States) by Mary Gostelow

Beautiful Old Alphabets (Designs and Stitches) by Jutta Lammer

Behold the Labour of My Tender Age (Children and Their Samplers—17880-1850) by Gayle Rettew

Berlin Work Samplers and Embroidery of the 19th Century by Raffaella Serena

A Book of Old Embroidery (with articles by A. F. Kendrick, Louisa Pesel, and E. W. Newbury

The Book of Samplers by Marguerite Fawdry and Deborah Brown

British Samplers by Mary Eirwen Jones

British Samplers--A Concise History by Jane Toller

British Samplers--Curious Works from the 17th Century by Kathleen Epstein

Catalogue of English Domestic Embroidery (Victoria and Albert Museum) by John L. Nevinson

Common Thread Common Ground (A Collection of Essays on Early Samplers & Historic Needlework) edited by M. Van Valin

The Dictionary of Needlework by Sophia Frances Anne Caulfield and Blanche C. Saward

Discovering Embroidery of the 19th Century by Santina Levey

Embroidered Georgian Pictures by Margaret Swain

Embroidered Samplers by Dorothea Kay

The Embroidery Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden

Embroidered Stuart Pictures by Margaret Swain

The Embroiderer's Story by Thomasina Beck

The Embroiderer's Flowers by Thomasina Beck

Embroideries and Samplers from Islamic Egypt by Marianne Ellis

Embroidery at the Burrell Collection, 1600-1700 by Liz Arthur

Embroidery in Britain from 1200-1750 (The Victoria and Albert Textile Collection) by Donald King & Santina Levey

Embroidery Motifs from Old Dutch Samplers by Alberta Meulenbelt-Nieuwburg

Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese de Dillmont

Encyclopedia of Needlework by Donna Kooler

Encyclopedia of Victorian Needlework (2 volumes) by S. F. A. Caulfeild

English Domestic Needlework by Therle Hughes

English Domestic Embroidery of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) by Preston Remington

English Embroideries of the 16th & 17th Centuries in the Collection of the Ashmolean Museum by Mary M. Brooks

English Embroidery by Barbara Snook

English Needlework by A. F. Kendrick

English Embroidery by Barbara Morris

The Embroidery Stitch Bible by Betty Barden

Family Record: Genealogical Watercolors and Needlework (DAR Museum) by Gloria Seaman Allen

The Fine Art of Textiles (Philadelphia Museum of Art) by Dilys Blum

Flowers in English Embroidery (Victoria and Albert Museum)

From The Archives..a collection of 18 out-of-print articles on old embroideries and samplers by Eileen Bennett

A Gallery of American Samplers by Glee Krueger

Gardening With Silk and Gold by Thomasina Beck

Girlhood Embroidery by Betty Ring

Historic Samplers by Patricia Ryan and Allan Bragdon

Historical Design for Embroidery (Linen and Cross Stitch) by Louisa Pesel

Historical Needlework—A Study of Influences in Scotland and Northern England by Margaret Swain

Historical Needlework of Pennsylvania by Margaret Schiffer

The History Of English Embroidery –a publication of the Victoria and Albert Museum

In Female Worth & Elegance-Sampler & Needlework Students &Teachers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire 1741-1840 by John LaBranche & Rita Conant

In the Neatest Manner by Kimberly Ivey Smith

Jane Bostocke…the rest of the story by Eileen Bennett

The Joan Stephens Collection--Sotheby's Catalog

Labors of Love by Judith Weissman and Wendy Lavitt

Lady Evelyn's Needlework Collection by Digges, Fehld, Lawson, and Vogt

Lady Lever Art Gallery—Catalog of Embroideries by Xanthe Brooke

Lessons Stitched in Silk--Samplers from the Canterbury Region of New Hampshire

Let Virtue be A Guide to Thee by Betty Ring

Marquoir by Joke Visser

Mary Thomas's Embroidery Book

More Alphabets from Early Samplers by Marsha Van Valin

National Museum of Wales—Guide To The Collection of Samplers and Embroideries by F. G. Payne

Needlework, An Historical Survey by Betty Ring

Needlework, An Illustrated History edited by Harriet Bridgeman and Elizabeth Drury

Needlepoint by Hope Hanley

The Needle's Excellency by Mallett

Needles & Threads—Women's Handwork, Men's Craftsmanship (exhibit at the Homewood House Museum, Baltimore, Maryland, 2001)

Needlework (Guildford Museum) by Mary Alexander

Needlework at Parham Park by Barbara Snook

Needlework from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum by Adolph Cavallo

Needlework in America by Virginia Bath

The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots by Margaret Swain

Needlework Masterpieces from Winterthur by Hollis Greer Minor

Needlework Patterns from the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Susan Siegler

Needlework Samplers of Northern Ireland by Heather Crawford

Needlework Stitches by Barbara Snook

The Needleworker's Dictionary by Pamela Clabburn

New England Samplers to 1840 by Glee Krueger
A Notebook of Sampler Stitches-Book One by Eileen Bennett

A Notebook of Sampler Stitches-Book Two by Eileen Bennett

A Notebook of Sampler Stitches-Book Three by Eileen Bennett

Ohio is My Dwelling Place (1800-1850) by Sue Studebaker

Ohio Samplers--Schoolgirl Embroideries-1803-1850 by Sue Studebaker

On This Fair Sampler Does My Needle Write (Witney Antiques, 2004)

One Man's Samplers, The Goodhart Collection 1983 exhibit catalog

Ornamental Branches (Needlework & Arts from the Lititz Moravian Girls' School, 1800-1865 by Patricia Herr

Of American Embroidery (Peabody Essex Museum exhibit catalog) by Paula Richter

Patterns and Motifs (from the St. Gallens Museum) by Ann Wanner-Jean Richard

Plain and Fancy--American Women and Their Needlework, 1650-1850 by Susan Swan

Plimoth Colony Samplers by Mary M. Davidson

Pioneer Memorial Museum Samplers (Daughters of Utah Pioneers)

The Point of the Needle (Five Centuries of Samplers and Embroideries) by Dorothy Bromiley Phelan

Practical Canvas Embroidery by Louisa F. Pesel

The Proper Stitch by Darlene O'Steen

Quaker School Girl Samplers from Ackworth by Carol Humphrey

Quebec Samplers—ABCs of Embroidery (McCord Museum of Canadian History) by Jennifer Salahub

Repetroire des Motifs bt Valerie Lejeune

The Royal School of Needlework and Embroidery by Lanto Synge

Royal Scottish Museum Samplers by Naomi Tarrant

Sajou (Passion des Alphabets Anciens) by Veronique Maillard

Sampler and Antique Needlework. Vol. I

Sampler and Antique Needlework. Vol. II

The Sampler Book by Irmgard Gierl

Samplers by Pamela Clabburn

Samplers by Averil Colby

Samplers by Susan Major and Diana Fowle

Samplers (Victoria and Albert Museum) by Donald King

Samplers by Leigh Ashton

Samplers--Five Centuries of a Gentle Art by Anne Sebba

Samplers--Fitzwilliam Museum Handbooks by Carol Humphrey

Samplers from The Victoria and Albert Museum by Clare Browne and Jennifer Wearden

Samplers from The Welsh Folk Museum Collection by Christine Stevens

Samplers and Sampler Makers--An American Schoolgirl Art 1700-1850 by Mary Jaene Edmonds

Samplers and Stitches by Mrs. Archibold Christie

Samplers and Tapestry Embroideries by Marcus Huish

Samplers from A to Z by Pamela Parmal, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Samplers—How to Compare Values by Stephen and Carol Huber

Samplers in the City of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery by Karin M. Walton

Samplers in the Collections of the Manx Museum

Samplers in the European Tradition by Kathleen Staples and Margriet Hogue

Samplers of the Pennsylvania Germans by Tandy and Charles Hersch

Scottish Embroidery Medieval to Modern by Margaret Swain

Some Honest Worke in Hand….(English Samplers from the 17th Century/2001)  Finkel Exhibit Catalog by Kathleen Staples & Lynn Tinley

The Story Of Samplers--Philadelphia Museum of Art by Marianna Hornor

Stumpwork Embroidery--Designs and Projects by Jane Nicholas

Textile Collections of the World, Vol. 1, United States and Canada edited by Cecil Lubell

Textile Treasures (Intro. to European Decorative Textiles for Home and Church in the National Museums of Scotland) by Naomi Tarrant

Textiles at Sulgrave

Thanks Be To My Friends (Vassar College Exhibit, 2004)

Therese de Dillmont's Encyclopedia of Needlework edited by Mary Gostelow

This Have I Done (Samplers and Embroideries from Charleston and the Lowcountry) by Jan Hiester and Kathleen Staples

This Is The Way I Pass My Time by Ellen Gehret

Threads of History--A Sampler of Girlhood Embroidery, 1792-1860, Loudon County Area

Threads of History circulated by The American Federation of Arts (1965)

Virtue Leads & Grace Reveals (Embroideries and Education in Antebellum South Carolina) by Patricia Veasey


Needlework Tools

An Illustrated History of Needlework Tools by Gay Ann Rogers

Chatelaines by Genevieve Cummins and Nerylla Taunton

Needlework Tools by Eleanor Johnson

Needlework Tools and Accessories (A Dutch Tradition) by Kay Sullivan

Old Needlework Boxes and Tools by Mary Andere

Old-Time Tools and Toys of Needlework by Gertrude Whiting

Pincushions by Averil Colby

Pins and Pincushions by E. D. Longman and S. Loch

Sewing Accessories, a Collector's Guide by Elaine Gaussen (Miller's)

Sewing Accessories, a Illustrated History by Victor Houart

Sewing Tools and Trinkets by Helen Lester Thompson

Sewing Tools and Trinkets, Volume 2 by Helen Lester Thompson

The Story Of Antique Needlework Tools by Bridget McConnel

Thimbles and Thimble Cases by Eleanor Johnson

Threadwinders by Diane Pelham Burn

Zalkin's Handbook of Thimbles and Sewing Implements by Estelle Zalkin



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