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The village of Podkamien has an interesting history. Although you will no longer find it on the map, it was originally part of Galicia, Poland. The land on which Podkamien stood was transfered during battles from Poland to Austria to Russia to the Soviet Union and is now currently part of the Ukraine. On today's map, the closest town to the land that was Podkamien is L'vov, formerly known as Lemberg.

Israel Peretz Roth and his wife, Tzirel, lived in Podkamien, as did their families for three hundred years before them. They were the parents of Barish Roth who left Podkamien with his wife, Naomi (Nechamka), to move to Vienna, Austria. One by one his seven children, Clara, Sol, Chana, Shifra, Israel Peretz (Joe), Abe, and Morris, came to the United States of America, all settling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Most of the children arrived in America between 1900 and 1907, however Shifra did not come to America until 1920, when she brought her daughters, Bernice and Paula. Barish, and his sister, Zelda, also came to America in 1920 and he died in 1922. He is buried in Millvale near Pittsburgh. Clara married Sam Gellman. Sol married Sarah Applebaum. Chana married Louis Franzos. Shifra married Charles Amarant. Joe married May Wittenstein. Abe married Sophie. Morris married Ester Franzos. These children of Barish and Naomi Roth, and their spouses, became the founding members of today's Roth Cousins Club.

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