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I am Spiritdove; The first Spiritdove...not a copycat ! Lynda Spiritdove. Not New Age at all! I am part Native American (Ojibwa). I live on Whidbey Island in Washington State. I am now 59 ( 2009) and a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, free lance journalist and Photographer. I was founder and director of a Wild Animal Clinic for injured and orphaned critters & used to write a Newspaper Column called," Pet of the Week," finding homes for homeless pets. I was also founder and director of a Nature Appreciation Day Camp for Children." My current interests have been THE PENN COVE WATER FESTIVAL, where I have been the Tribal Liaison for 5 years,dancing Traditionally at Powwows and Traditional Native American Cultural events,arts and geneaology.( * My Roots include the names; FERGUSON, (LIGHTBODY) or "Nin Nangis Wiiawima," (Ojibwa) and RIEHL, ROESCH, ROGERS, HURSH and NELSON. My Husband, half Sicilian, is an IMBURGIA. He is also an Art-History Major, Electrician and an amazing Artist, Gardener and Cook. I have a B.A in Human Development and have earned a Masters in Counseling and a minor in Native American Studies. We have cared for Native American Foster Children for several years as well. I wrote a book as part of my studies. It is entitled; " I Have Learned Something!" ( The Value of the Old Ways through Native American Perspectives and Elder Wisdom...) Application...( Counseling with Compassion for Kids at Risk.) I am also trying to get my book of poetry finished. My Husband just turned 56. He owns his own electrical company. We have two beautiful daughters, a handsome son and NINE adorable grandchildren. We also have a lab/malamute/dog,Snoots, a Siberian Husky,Tehya and a pair of mated white doves, Spirit and Dove. We live next to a lake in the woods. It is very peaceful here.I have chosen the Rainbow flag and colors because our family consists of Italian, Native American, African ( adopted Son) and European Ancestors. We worship The Creator,The King of all Spirits, and we love His creation and all His children and creatures. I know I was destined to work with The Wounded Ones. I have been blessed by my... Seneca/Mohawk adopted Brother, Lou... and my Lakota Sioux adopted Grandmother, Lydia. I have three adopted Cousins... Joe, Larry and Johnny. They are all a light to my path and gifts from The Creator. (Perhaps this poem I wrote sums up who I am best)...("Earthsong")... Blessed Earth...all my senses are aroused by your fragrant breath...I lie upon you and you embrace me with your vibrancy...I feel your closeness and revel in your beauty...your forest creatures dance and sing with abandon all around me...and I absorb their freedom and their joy. My spirit soars the vast blue heavens with the winged ones and the sparkling sunlight warms my heart. I arise...my barefeet caress your mossy pathways...and I walk quietly to your treelined shore. I run and jump into your crystal waters...and my soul is refreshed. The child in me laughs and plays with the gentle waves and sunkissed ripples. I am alive and happy and free. The woman in me senses your presence...I am not alone. You created all of this for me...for all your children and the creatures that delight them. You love us so much and share in each fresh discovery. Thank-you my Creator for the fullness of blessings you've given me. Let me live to share the depth of your love with everyone I meet. Grant that others might truly know You as I do through your creation. Let them see it as a magnificent reflection of the One Who made it all. By, Spiritdove ~v~ 3/20/87 @

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A special Thanks and heartfelt Blessings to My Husband , Dan... and my best friend , Jackie , my Brother , Lou and my Grandmother,Lydia. Many Blessings to our children and grandchildren as well. Also...Heartfelt Thanks to Kim Foltz and Louise Lowenthal for the first two printings of my book! These DearOnes offered to do the printing free of charge and with such kindness and encouragement...I am still overwhelmed! Without their help and belief in me...I would have never accomplished so much! I thank Creator for each one! Creator Bless YOU All!!! ...Spiritdove ~v~ PS...See some of my POETRY By visiting www.autumnleaves.com ( enter "Spiritdove" in search box.) THIS PAGE EDITED AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR! <<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><

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