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The MacDonald Clan Badge

A little bit about us.

Barbara and I met on the internet in 1995. In March 1996 I moved to Manhattan
to be with her. On June 2, 1996 we were married in Santa Fe, NM, my home at the time.
In August of 1996, we moved from Manhattan to the beautiful
forested suburb called Chestnut Ridge in Rockland County, New York.
And then, in August 2001, Barbara retired, and in October we moved to the
beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina where we now live out in the country.
We live near Waynesville, NC, and are truly enjoying the Southern Culture.
We can see Cold Mountain (of movie and novel fame) from our front porch!
Please check out our photo page (updated May 2003) to see our new home.
It also has a photo of us on our wedding day. PHOTO PAGE: Click Here

Our homepage is Scottish oriented because we are McDonalds, and
can trace our ancestry to the Glen Coe MacDonalds of 1692. In fact
the page's background is the MacDonald Clan Dress Tartan.

I have a link below that will take you to a page of 50-60 Scottish oriented sites that you might enjoy.

Our interests vary. I enjoy Film; Muzzleloading; Clay, Trap and Skeet shooting; Computing and Music.
I am also into MP3 music, and have already made several CDs. It's fun. Check out the MP3 site in the links below.
I am a member of MENSA, and a published author.
You can order my book, The Quiz Of Enchantment by going to
I am also a co-author of another book called Lure, Lore and Legends Of Moreno Valley.
It is a book on the history of Moreno Valley in New Mexico, but is not readily available.
I am back to writing again, and delving into fiction. Another activity I do is creating websites. You can see the website for our church by clicking the church site link below. I also created a website for the Francis Mill Preservation Society which you can see here: click for Francis Mill
Barbara is now doing fine art painting, and is quite talented at it.
She is also learning to play the bowed psaltery. I am an ex-musician from long ago. The trombone is my instrument, but now I occasionally play the mountain dulcimer. You can learn more about the psaltry and dulcimer at the following site:

(For more information on these two instruments click here)
To see the website of a dulcimer group to join Click here for the Pick and Play Dulcimer Group of Sylva, NC.

I joined the Haywood Community Band in March 2006. It had been about 34 years since last I played in a band, but I got out the old trombone, and am truly enjoying this experience. Just recently, I became a member of the Asheville Community Band as well.

We are trying to become more involved in our new community which is actually bursting with activity.
We are active members of the Bethel United Methodist Church(click here for our church site)
where Barbara is now the librarian.
We attend as many community activities as possible, including concerts and live theatre productions.
We have truly fallen in love with our new mountain home.
Below is a picture of our new hometown. Ain't it purty?

I am a retired emergency room nurse of 20 years. Barbara was a vice president of an investment firm located in Manhattan until she retired in August of 2001.

We hope you enjoy our homepage. Be sure and sign our guestbook at the bottom of the page. Thanks.



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For you smart guys out there

Check out the music on MP3!

After you've visited our homepage, be sure and see the new feature on our site....Michael's Bookstore. Here you can buy books directly from this site, including my book, The Quiz of Enchantment. Just click on the books to take you there.It's in association with

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