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This site contains information regarding the activities and research of the Blincowe Families' Association.

Coat of Arms

This is the original ancient Blencowe Coat-of-Arms. Blincowe Augmentation Awarded to Adam de Blencowe by Baron William Greystoke - 1356 Blincoe Arms adapted by the first Blincoe in the late 1500's

The Meaning of Our Surname

by Helen Simpson

Blencow or Blincoe is a place name acquired from having once lived near or at Blencow, a township consisting of two small villages in the Parish of Greystoke in Cumberland County, England.

Adam de Blencowe was on the Cumberland Subsidy Rolls as early as 1332. He is the earliest Blencowe of record found to date. Over the centuries, the spelling of the Blencowe name has changed somewhat although the hereditary lines in England retain the original spelling.

The earliest known immigrant to America was JAMES BLINCOE who came to Maryland in 1672. Many of his descendant lines have been traced. The BLINCOWS of America are generally descended from WILLIAM BLINCOW who came in 1872. The BLENKO descended from WILLIAM JOHN BLENKO, who founded Blenko Glass Company in West Virginia in early 1800's.

The BLENCOWE FAMILIES ASSOCIATION maintains a database and publishes a quarterly newsletter. Reunions are held every other year. In 2003 it will be in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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For further information regarding the Blencowe Family Association, contact Jack Blencowe.
For questions regarding this web site, contact Benn Blincoe.

updated: 17 January 2004

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