The DeFazio Family's Adoption Experience

Here is Christopher when we first
found him on the internet (6 mo. old)
Christopher 6mo. old

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Christopher - age 9

Christopher - June 2004 - Age 9

Family picture 2002Hi. My name is Janice and my husband's name is Guy. We live in Hamilton Square , New Jersey. In July, 1996, we returned from Russia where we adopted a little boy we now call Christopher Thomas. We spent three weeks in Russia in three different cities; Novocherkassk, Rostov-on-Don and Moscow. I will provide our step by step experience which began on March 28, 1996.

Guy, Jennifer & Christopher Aug. 1996

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We have two other children, Guy-Michael and Jennifer. We tried for almost 3 years to have another child (including IVF-which could be a completely other saga). In March we decided to look into adoption so I did some surfing on the net. Lo and behold I stumbled upon a little boy by the name Vladimir (born in Shakhty, Russia).

(We felt that an international adoption would be better for us since we would have less of a chance of the birth parents trying to reclaim the child.) Additionally, the timeframes for adopting an infant domestically would be much longer. (The picture you see from the link is the PICTURE I spotted on the Internet). We immediately fell in love. If you are interested in an adoption or just want to hear about our experience, please browse our pages. Also, feel free to Email me with any questions you may have or other information you would like to see on my page.

Since there is so much information I felt it was best to break it down by month.Continue story hereor select subject below.



March 1996-When We Started

April 1996-How We Began

May 1996-Continuing Saga Of Bureaucracy

June 1996-Preparing For Trip To Russia

July 1996-Our Dreams Realized

1996-How is Christopher Thomas Coming Along(updated Dec. 30, 1996)

1997-DeFazio Family Updates(updated Dec. 31, 1997)

1998-DeFazio Family Updates(updated October 12, 1998)

1999-DeFazio Family Updates(updated December 30, 1999)

2000-DeFazio Family Updates(updated September 15, 2000)

Financial Page

Silly Christopher Album(updated September 15, 2000)

Christopher Thomas's Story(updated October 12, 1998)

Our daughter Jennifer's page (Work in progress)
A Collection of Poems(added November 4, 1998)

Other Helpful Adoption Links

International Adoption Clinic

Families of Russian and Ukraine Adoptions (FRUA)

Adoption Information, Assistance, Support


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