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SITE UPDATED ON: November 15, 1998

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Hola and welcome to Freddie's online Puerto Rican Cookbook. The site is constantly UNDER CONSTRUCTION and there are recipes online already you can try. Recipes are always being added, so come back to check the new SITE UPDATED ON date at the top.

I myself love to cook, I love arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas) and pernil (roast pork shoulder), I guess that is common but I can't help myself.Shell

Every Puerto Rican family has their very own way of cooking our traditional foods. For those that live in areas where they can't find the types of products we use I have supplied a list of mail order stores that sell most of the vegetables, viandas, condiments..etc., we use.

ShellThis site is very useful to those Puerto Ricans that are born stateside and want to learn how to cook their cultural foods. If you have a Puerto Rican or Latino oriented WEB site and want to add our banner or HTLM tag to it click HERE.

Try some of my recipes and I am very interested on how you like this site, so send me email. If there is a recipe that you don't see here send me email and I will put it up. Please join my PR CHAT room. You can tell your friends to log on to this site and join in the chat. So now let's get cocinando (cooking), BUEN PROVECHO!


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