Kovach, Kovacs, Skraban, Siftar

Schwartz, Urban
Evans, Williams, Eustis

Austria-Hungary, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), Wales
Northampton County - Bethlehem, Freemansburg, Easton, Pennsylvania - USA
Maybe Palmerton, Bangor, Wind Gap too
Also Ackermanville and Flicksville

My family names are Kovach, Kovacs, Nemeth, Skraban, Siftar, Schwartz, Urban, Eustis and Evans  
They came from Austria/Hungary, Slovenia, Wales and most settled in the state of Pennsylvania. 
Some were farmers, carpenters, shoemakers, steel and factory workers.

I am also showing information on a Siftar family that may not be connected to my Siftar/Skraban family. If you find a connection, let me know. I will contact the person doing the research. Surnames to go along with this family are: Oboil, Fulop (changed to Philip), Simon, Gesy

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PLEASE NOTE: Some of the info on this page has not been verified.
KOVACH, James ?- c1850  Veszprem CO, Hungary
KOVACS, Joseph - 1886-1965
  • Attended First Hungarian Lutheran Church in South Bethlehem. SKRABAN, Terezija (Theresa) - 1888-1967

    Please check out info on Skraban family in the Skraban picture section
    Click here for Skraban page and info

    Children of Joseph and Theresa "Skraban" Kovacs
    01. Joseph, Jr1909-1985 Theresa Reiter.
    02. Katherine1912-1978 Frank J.Konya
    born in Bethlehem PA to Stephen & Catherine "Katalin" (Kukor) Konya
    03. Frank1915-1965Gizzella Grabar 1920-1989
    she was the daughter of Calman & Christine Grabar
    04. James1916-1937 ..
    05. Alex1919-1969Marjorie Scheirer 1924-20021. Deborah Joy
    2. Timothy
    06. Stephen1922-1979*Elizabeth SCHWARTZ 1923-20061. Gene Marie
    2. Patsy Ann
    07. Mary1924-1937 ..
    08. John1926-1992 Betty Romig 1929-19771. John
    2. Bonnie Lee
    4. Bruce
    09. Charles1928-1999Geraldine SchrantzKim Anne
    10. William.Patricia Podhany1. William
    2. Brian
    3. Mark

  • SCHWARTZ, Charles J. Jan 28, 1869 to July 12, 1932
    URBAN, Julia A.Jan 16, 1876 to Oct 12, 1934
  • First Methodist Church of Phillipsburg, NJ records show the marriage of Charles Schwartz to Julia Urban on May 23, 1895.
  • Parents of Charles: Charles and Julia (Byans) Schwartz.
  • Parents of Julia Urban: Joseph and Julia (Leibinger) Urban.

    Children of Charles and Julia "Urban" Schwartz
    01. Mary Julia1896-1947?Jonas Albert (Reds) Leibig
    born abt 1894
    1. Jonas Albert abt 1917-1989 married Dilliard
    2. Elizabeth married Harold E. Knapp abt 1919-1990
    3. Warren H. abt 1921-1988 in Northampton PA married Johnson
    02. Charles James1897-1943Esther E. Lilly 1886-1988
    born in Bethlehem PA
    1. Dorothy E married Cyrus W. Schaeffer
    2. James C 1925?-1993
    03. Anthony1899Helen Shew1. Katherine 1924?-1988 born in Fountain Hill
    .......married Jos. J. Madzik 1921?-1993
    2. Anthony
    04. *Emil1902-1972*Margaret Virginia Eustis1905-1985
    born in Flicksville PA
    1. Elizabeth married Stephen Kovacs 1922-1979
    2. Virginia Mae married Kenneth Edw. Bloss 1925-1985
    3. Eleanor Frances married Lawrence Wilbur Fritchman
    ....... 1924-1967
    4. Mary Jane
    5. Emil David married C. Check
    05. Elizabeth1903-1978Charles Weaver1. Edward 1922-2003.......married Shuman
    2. Dorothy Elizabeth 1923-2001 married S. Smolsky
    .......2nd marriage to George Danyluk 1919-1990
    3. Helen Alverta (Honeybunch) 1925-2002
    .......married Grover B. Rudolph d.1994
    4. Harold (Buster)
    06. William Francis1906-1975Florence SeifertAudrey
    07. Frank1907-1924..
    08. Helen Theresa1909-1998Howard E. Wolfe1. Harriet married Hudak
    2. Lorena 1929?-1986 married K. Kipp
    3.Howard E. Jr 1931?-1996 married R. Newhardt
    09. Walter Wendel1913-1913..
    10. Lillian Ethel1914-?husband #1 Homer Wolfe
    husband #2 John Mohring
    Joyce Wolfe married Wilbur H. Delp
    11. Esther May1917-1977Nathan Rabenold.
    12. Robert.Evelyn BreyfogleDavid

    Mary Julia is buried in Freemansburg Trinity Cemetery

    Charles James married Esther Lilly at Salem Lutheran Ch. Bethlehem, PA
    .....Edith Young & Maynard Bodder were attendants Emiland Margaret are buried in Trinity Cemetery
    .....Emil was employed at the Bethlehem Steel

    Frank died in an auto accident at age 16.
    .....He is buried next to his sister Mary Leibig

    Helen Theresa was employed at Milgreen's 5&10 and Orr's in Bethlehem
    .....During WWII she was a crane operator in the beam yards of Beth. Steel

    Margaret Evans: born: (July 14, 1866 or July 6, 1864?) died: Oct 14, 1949
    Ellis Robert Williams: born in Wales, 1862 and died 1893 (dates shown on his tombstone)in a slate quarry accident per info from relatives

  • Margaret EVANS was born July 1864 in Caernarvon,Wales. She is my great grandmother.

  • Margaret is buried with her first husband in St. John's Cemetery, Bangor PA. She died Oct 14, 1949.
    Per her death certificate, her parents were: Evan Evans and Jane Owens both born in Wales. The information
    on the death certificate was given by Margaret's daughter, Jennie R. Williams-Rasley.

  • Margaret had a sister named Jane. Believe she married into the HUGHES family. May have been William Hughes.
    Margaret and Jane also had a brother named William Evans

  • Ellis WILLIAMS was her first husband. After his death she married John EUSTIS

  • and that is when my grandmother was born. But first here are the children of Ellis and Margaret WILLIAMS:

    Children with husband #1: Ellis Williams
    1. Jennie R.1885-1972 born in Wales.
  • Russell Virgil Eustis Feb 6, 1903 - March 24, 1974
    See info below

  • James W. Williams Oct 24, 1905-Jan 12, 1972 See info below
  • married Sara Elizabeth Rasley had the following children
    01. Elizabeth 1928-1928
    02. Russell J. 1931-1995
    03. Virgil R.E.
    04. Richard W. 1934
    05. George F 1937-1956
    06. Clifford P 1938-1977
    07. Ermadell
    08. Ruth A.
    09. Rita M.
    10. Francis T.
    11. Alice 1947-1951
    12. Margaret J.
    13. Linda
  • Jennie married John Rasley 1875-19381. John Jeremiah Rasley 1911-1979
    2. Susan Margaret
  • 1st husband: Arthur HardyMuth 1914-1928

  • children:
  • Evelyn, Shirley, Florence, Arthur J.
  • 2nd husband: Robert Stull

  • 3. William J.
    4. Charles Herman 1915-1991
    5. Phillip G 1918-2000
    6. Jennie Mae 1917-1965
  • married: Benjamin Jones

  • 7. Ethel P
    8. Emma
    2. Robert, Jr.1884-1917 born in Wales ..
    3. Mary Ellen1887-1937.Archie Robert Williams: March 1907 - June 23, 1963
  • 1st wife: Dorothy Kriel 1910-1934
  • son Morton Robert Williams 1934-1997
  • 2nd wife: Marguerite Applegate (Crouse)died 9-6-2001
  • son Richard
  • Mary Ellen married Harold Brewer 1893-19651. Howard 1912-1975
    2. Grace
    3. George
    4. John(Jack)1890-1964Mary Parry 1895-1978Margaret (Peggy)

    Russell Eustis: Per Russell's SS applic dated 1956, he lived in RD3 Bangor. He was born in Ackermansville, PA.
    His father was John Eustis and he was self-employed. Been told he owned a florist shop. Per his death certif
    he lived on S. Broadway in Wind Gap at the time of his death & his occupation was florist.

    James Williams: Per James' SS applic dated 1937, he lived on what looks like Line St in Easton, PA. He was employed by
    Clyde E. Laubach of Coal & Belmont St. Easton, PA. I've been told he was a truck driver but not sure if he was
    driving at this time. It also shows he was born in Ackermansville, PA. Shows his father as Owen Williams and
    mother Jane Rasley (s/b Jennie). His death certificate (1972) had him living in RD4 Easton, PA. Williams Twp.

    Harold U. Brewer was a self-employed carpenter. He was the son of Abraham and Eliz. Shafer Brewer born in Washington Twp.
    .....He was a member of the Order of Fleas, Easton, PA

    John (Jack) Williams at one time owned a coal yard & trucking company. I believe he was living in Freemansburg at this time.
    .....He later moved to Easton, PA

    Any of this sound familiar?

    Here is a link where you will find more info on the Williams Family and others
    Sooby/Thevenet Bloodline

    EUSTIS, John April 15, 1866-August 15, 1924
    John died of Carbolic acid poisoning. He was buried August 19th in Bangor. At the time of his death
    the family lived at what looks like RD#5 Bangor, PA. (Info from his death certificate)
  • According to church records and his obit, John is buried in St. John's Cemetery Broadway and 6th Streets in Bangor, PA.
    along with his children in Section A plot 599 thru 601. We CAN NOT FIND HIM! In those plots are buried Bertha, Ira and Clarence Shook.
  • It is possible that he is buried in Plainfield Cemetery. This has to be checked out.

    Children of John and Margaret Eustis
    1. Elizabethabt 1901-1953Richard J. Ihrie1. Richard E born in Easton PA 1915-1995
  • married Lois Best b. abt 1920-1990,
    2. Margaret
    3. Earl
  • 2. Joseph1900-Esther HawkEarl (Scoop) 1919-1999
    married: Daisy Walters 1915-1990
    3. Even1903 wife #1 Ellen Jones
    wife #2 Catherine Grant 1895 - ?
    4. Margaret Virginia1905-1985
    born in Flicksville PA
    Emil 1902-1972 SCHWARTZ1. Elizabeth Margaret- married Stephen Kovacs 1922-1979,
    2. Virginia Mae - married Kenneth Edw. Bloss 1925-1985,
    3. Eleanor F - married Lawrence W Fritchman 1924-1967,
    4. Mary Jane
    5. Emil David - married C. Check
    5. William1906-1984
    born in Ackermanville PA
    Mary Elizabeth Fox 1908-1990
    born in Stockertown PA
    6. David J 1908-1961Margaret E. Nemeth 1913-1994
    born in Bethlehem PA
    1. Betty Jane - married Balogh
    2. Patricia - married Regis Oswald born in Pittsburgh abt 1940-1991
    3. John D

    Joseph, per family members, married a 2nd time after Esther's death. Her name was Ann???

    William was born in Ackermanville. He worked for Ingersoll-Rand Co. Phillipsburg NJ.
    .....He was living in Newport News, VA at the time of his death.
    .....Interment: Northampton Memorial Shrine, Palmer Twp, PA

    Margaret Nemeth Eustis was born in Bethlehem, PA to Julius and Eliz. (Molnar) Nemeth
    .....She was a clerk at Two Guys dept. store in Bethlehem Twp.
    .....She was a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Ch. Bethlehem Twp.

    Below is a Siftar family that may not be related to my family but if you find a connection to your family,
    e-mail me and I will notify the person who has all these records.

    SIFTAR, Stephen - 1854-1907
    • Married: Anna OBOIL - 1860-1926
    Children of Stephen and Anna "Oboil" Siftar:
    01. Josephineabt.1897unkown
    02. William1881-1958unknown
    03. Theresaabt. 1883unknown
    04. Juliaabt.18871st husband: Gabor Siska: 1914
    ..2nd husband: Joseph Toth
    05. Franceska1889-1961Ludwig Loncar: 1881-1954
    06. Charles1893-1972Anna Fulop (Philip) 1898-1972
    07. Carolineunknownunknown
    SIFTAR, Charles - 1893-1972
    • Born: Strukovci, state Vasmegye, Austia/Hungarian
    • Father: Stephen Siftar 1854-1907
    • Mother: Anna Oboil 1860-1926
    • Charles married Anna PHILIP
    Children of Charles and Anna "Philip" Siftar:
    01. Carl1916-1996Mary Jane Williams
    02. Ethel1918-1919.
    03. William1920-1922.
    04. Robert1925-1994Dorothy Helen Rajcok
    05. Edward Raymond.Marilyn Ann Blackwell
    06. Alfred Paul.Frances Leslie
    07. Philip Gabriel1930-1994Alice Huber
    08. James Richard..
    09. Mildred Ann (Millie).Joseph George Kimock
    10. Nancy Jane.Ricky D. Brucker
    11. John Allen..
    Charles and Anna settled in Northampton County, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
    Philip, Anna- 1898-1972
    • Born: Pozega, Slavonya
    • Mother: Anna SIMON 1877-1950
    • Father: Gabriel Fulop (changed to PHILIP sometime after entering U.S.) 1873-1946
    • Gabriel entered the U.S. in the early 1900's. He lived in New York City for a while before
      moving to Latrobe, Pa. Here he preached in a local Mission. He then moved to Northampton CO,
      Bethlehem, Pa.
      Then to a large farm in Kitnersville and a smaller farm Durham, PA.
      He was a carpenter by trade and built his own home in Bethlehem
    Children of Gabriel and Anna "Simon" Philip:
    01. Sophie1896-1970Mike Medvetz 1893-1967
    02. Anna1898-1972Charles Siftar1892-1972
    03. Rose1903Edwin Koehler 1903-1974
    04. Margaret19051st husband:Stewart Carl Paxton 1905-1979
    ..2nd husband: Stephen Timer
    05. Marie1906Roy S. Black 1898-1958
    06. Frank1908-1973Dorothy
    07. Helen1915Jim Sofet 1907
    08. Elsie1919Harry Ratushney 1916-1995


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