The Concert 

One Thursday in December of 1996 was one of those comedy in motion nights. Janet and Geoff were at choir when I got home. I had to pick up Nathan at play practice and get him home for dinner before Nathan, Geoff, Chris and I headed down to Senior to drop off Chris for his Holiday Concert. Stephanie was at Pizza Hut with the other air heads (oops, I mean sopranos) so she did not need a ride. Janet had a choir rehearsal at church. 

From Senior, we raced off to Lewis and Clark for Nathan's concert. (Yes, two in the same night.) Nathan played the harp on one song with the his choir. I had the tuner with me but forgot the tuning key. Actually I didn't forget; I had turned the house upside down looking for the tuner pickup mic and had not found it. Had the tuning key been in its assigned location, I would have seen it and grabbed it the first time. So now I am back at L&C by the choir room and ask Nathan about the tuning key. He gives me that "Tuning key? What's a tuning key?" stare and I head for the car. I race the eight blocks home and turn the house upside down, again. (Does that mean that the house is now right side up after being turned upside down twice in a row? NOT!) No tuning key, but then I sensed that before I got home. I grab a socket that promises to be peg-sized and race back to Lewis & Clark. The last time we lost the tuning key I had tried the socket trick to no avail. Same results this time. I told Nathan I was sorry he couldn't play that out of tune. His teacher overruled me. "He has worked so hard. Let's do it." Thankfully the unruly strings were little used in the piece. He did well. We waited for the end of the concert to be able to get the harp. 

Harp in hand (or van as it were), we raced down to Senior to catch the last 4 measures of Varsity's last piece. Janet came in half way through the band's last piece. 

When we all arrived home, we found the errant tuning key in Nathan's back pack. Janet had given it to him earlier in the day when she had tuned it at school. Oh well. I guess 7th graders are just as likely to have brain burps as adults. 


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