The Reason

A few weeks ago, I was challenged to do more than just read the Bible. For years, I have read most of the Bible each year. I bounce around multiple translations and editions. I still plan to do that reading. My father has been preaching lately for a 6 to 8 week stint at his local church. He decided to use the Lectionary readings and go back the well and draw fresh water instead of going to the barrel and recycle old sermons. I took his lead and decided to use the same structure to do some more detailed Bible study for a while.

The Sources

I plan to use various sources, mostly from the Web. My source for the lectionary texts is the American Baptists Churches, USA home page. They have on a page with explanation and texts. I also plan to use a study edition of the Bible called the Blue Letter Bible.

The Results

September 6, 1998: Wonderfully Made but for What Purpose

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