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Are you Truly? Check it out and see :)

PaPa gets his Angel Wings

IS today your UN Birthday? Come see if it is!

A Poem for You
Want to see some Baby Terms So Cute!

Story of finding my Aunts and Uncles that were given up for adoption in 1950!! 46 years had passed before we found them!! Come read our story!!Lost Loves
Sad day in our lives, One of the Aunts that I had found, passed away not too long ago. Please read about my Aunt Bev

Thank you so much David, Anna and Elizabeth!

Want to see our Wedding Day

The Heartland Porch Reunion is AT it again!!! We are making a Heartland Porch Reunion Quilt!! To check out the wonderful work of the Ole Porch Gang click here....
Heartland Porch Reunion Quilt

Please let me explain this image! It came from a lovely thoughtful woman that has always bent over backwards to do nice things for people!
I thank Bev from the bottom of my heart!
Even tho she did make me cry, I was so shocked and so touched!
The SunShine Club is a group of graphics artists that donate their time and talent to make images for people! Bev proudly serves in the SunShine Club! As you can see she and alot of the others put the SunShine in our Club! Click on the image to get something special made for you or a friend! Bev might be the one that is chosen to make you an image!!

Thanks for being number
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