My PaPa is an Angel

PaPa is an Angel

When my son's Grandpa passed away a few years ago, I had to take Josh shopping for a new suit! You know how kids grow so fast! On the way to the mall Josh asked, "How do you become an angel?". I told Josh I am not too sure but I am sure that God picks all Angels. Then he asked "How do we know when someone is picked as an Angel?" TO that I had no answer! Then he asked "How long does it take to become an Angel? And how long is it before they get their wings?" I still had no answer for him and responded "I don't know honey. Why all the questions?" I was caught up in all that we had to get shopping and I supose I was not really thinking on his line of thinking! He said, "Well cause I am worried about PaPa not having his Angel wings, AND I know my Papa, he will not want to sit on a cloud all day and not have anything to do!" I had a tear in my eye and told Josh..."I am sure your PaPa has got his wings already!"
When we got to the mall, and got his suit, we were looking in the Halmark shop for a card. Josh came running and yelling! "MOM MOM!! I found them, I found them!!" "Found WHAT??" I had to say! Josh said "I found PaPa Angel wings!" He had in his little hands Angel wings that was a pin. The card said "For all you have done for me and all that you are to me, you have earned your Angel wings" Josh looked at me with the sad and excited eyes all at the same time and said "Mom can we?" "Sure" is all I could get out! That horrible lump in my throat would not let me say another word!
When we got to the furneral home that night Josh was very happy to give Grandma PaPa's Angel wings to pin on him! Grandma said "that she would make sure that they took them off before they closed the casket" Josh was VERY upset. I told her no, Josh wants them to go with PaPa to be with him always! So PaPa will not have to sit on a cloud and do nothing! AND that is the way it was!!

SO, if you have a death in the family, please listen to your children! They have real concerns! AND like me I got caught up in all I had to do, that I was forgetting that my son needed to have some questions answered!

I hope to have some links to help you thru the your difficult times! I am looking!
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