Back Together Again

I have some VERY sad news for our family! Aunt Bev passed away on May 6, 2000. We only had 4 short years with her! She gave us many happy memories while she was here! She was too young to go! She was only 54. Our family will always have a special place in our hearts for the wonderful lady she was!! We sadly add another Angel to our list. To read a bit about her please see Aunt Bev's Page

This is Our Story of Lost Loves and A Happy Reunion!

In 1950 when the social workers came to get the children to go to live in a better place, they were not so very sure, did not understand. There had been 11 children, Terry Wayne had died at the age of two. They lived in a basement of a comdemned house, knew all too well the pain of hunger and little if any love. They had moved hundreds of time, never really having a "home" shuffled in and out of foster care, and all had slept in one double bed. The older ones took care of the babies, the parents were at the bar most of the time. Babies raising babies, but they had no choice. They loved one another for they were all each other had.

Two of the children (Richard and Larry) escaped the social workers and were taken by an Uncle to live with family members. They later adopted the boys and they got to keep in touch with one another. The rest were taken to a Children's Home. As far as I know, Sandy was the first to leave, she was 10 and went to live with and Aunt and Uncle. My Mom (Sharon) was adopted by a family from the same town as her brothers, many miles from what they called home. Mom remembers leaving the "little ones" behind, and praying that someone good would take care of them. She was very worried about Eddie (her brother), he was only 7, and cried for Momma daily, he would stand at the fence at the Childrens Home and cry. She worried about the baby Virgina. She was so little and only two, Who would care for her? She worried for each and everyone of them and hated to leave them all behind. Before Sandy had left the home, she gave my Mom a little china doll, the only doll she had. To this day my Mom treasures that doll! They swore to one another to keep in touch. AND they did!

My Mom remembers the day that her new family took her to the lawyers office. They told her, you have to be sure you want to do this, if not, say so now. She said she remembers thinking...BUT what choice do I have?? She had one adopted sister but longed to be with her siblings. She was not alone in the new town, she had her 2 brothers Larry and Richard and soon after she was adopted her birth sister Barbara was adopted by the family across the street! NOW she knew where 4 of her brothers and sisters where. She prayed that the "little ones" (as she has always called them) had found good parents and that possibly had stayed together! In a motercycle accident Barbara lost her life Aug.17, 1958. Richard had gone into the service, Larry had moved and Sandy had married. But they all still kept in touch.

I remember as a child, Mom talking about the "little ones" and wondering about them. I remember naming my baby dolls after my Aunts that I did not know!! AND swearing one day I would find them!! As I got older, I offered to help her find them. But the answer was always the same, she was scared, what if she had lost another sibling? What if one did not have a good home? What if they did not know they had been adopted? So many what ifs to think about. But I had also wondered. Wondered where my Aunts and Uncles were? Wondered if they knew about me? Wondered if I had cousins? Wondered if they needed us? I respected my Mom's wishes and did not want to see her hurt. So I wondered in silence.

Larry had moved to Georgia and had a family. He also was dying of a kidney disease. That really got me to wondering. And in March 1996 Larry passed away. THAT is when Mom said it is time. And I did not give her one second to back out! I was on a hunt for 5 missing Aunts and Uncles. I searched the internet, called 1,000's of places, had many a dead ends. Paul would come home to see me in tears, and encourage me that maybe in the morning I would stumble on to a clue that would help. BUT what were my chances for finding all FIVE? I had made a promise to my Mom, that if I found out something bad, I would keep it to myself and never tell her. I would not quit! I found a man, a wonderful man!, to help me, and with his help....ON Good Friday April 5, 1996 I had sitting in front of me, the phone numbers and names of two of my Aunts!

Which one to call first?? And would they want to hear from me? OH the questions, and would they even be the right ones? I thought about that long and hard, and decided to call Beverly first. Virgina's name had been changed when she was adopted and I was not sure how to handle that. The JOY of talking to my Aunt on the phone was something I could never tell you in words! We talked for hours, telling her all I knew and she had a surprise for me! Eddie (the "little one" that cried all the time) had been adopted with her and had grown up with her! AN Uncle found! Bev was only 4 at the time of her adoption and did not remember too much. But Eddie had told her, there were 6 of us at that home! She knew there was more and had once tried to search but ran into so many dead ends and did not have much information to go on so her search was no use. She told me about her little dress that she wore home from the Children's Home that is still hanging in her living room. We found that Sandy and Bev lived not far from one another and that they worked 2 blocks apart! Both had been in the others place of employment and did not even think that a sister would be working there! OH my...only 2 more to go!! Talk about excitement in my heart! After talking to Bev for hours, I called Virgina aka Jeannie. She knew she had been adopted and also had a surprise for me! She was adopted with brother Darrell! WOW! Only one more to go now!! Jeanne and Darrell had been adopted twice, the first family got a divorce two years after the adoption and they placed the children back up for adoption! They did not remember there being any more than the two of them! AND now look what they had! We cried, we laughed, and we talked for hours! I talked to my "New" Aunts everyday for weeks! Our long distance bills were horrible! *grin* BUT it was all worth it!

On April 12, 1996, I finally found the missing piece to our puzzle! I found Winnona in Texas! She was the oldest and was 13 at the time of being placed in the Children's Home. She was the little Momma and had promised all the kids that one day, they would all be back together again! She was never adopted and lived in foster care. On that day, a reunion was planned for Memorial Day weekend!

The sisters could not wait! And on April 19-20, 1996 I was honored to have 4 sisters stay at our home. Sisters that had not seen each other in 46 years! The tears flowed and hugs were all over our house! They brought pictures of their families. We had a wonderful time. Most of the time, they spent looking at each other thinking, who do I look more like?? *giggle* I did too!!
On April 24, 96 I fell down my front porch steps, broke my leg and had a third degree dislocation! HOW in the world was I to have all my family here and have a broken leg?? BUT as usually things worked... the kids all pitched in, Paul was wonderful to help and my Mom and sister came to help me too!! All things were fine! I told all my guests, that the first 10 minutes you are at our house you are our guest...after that you are our family! Glasses are here and plates are here, and towels are in the cabnit! IF you can't find something...LOOK...or ask!! *grin*
On May 24, Our first guests arrived! Sandy and Sharon(my Mom)got to our house in the morning. Later that night Jeanne her husband Max and brother Darrell arrived.
May 25, All the sisters left to go pick up their sister Winnona from the air port! OH my at the *giggling* that went on!! And the hugs...I think I hugged more that weekend than I ever have! IT was great!
May 26, On Saturday our Family was complete when Bev and her husband, Steve and brother Eddie arrived! Two very special guests were also present, Uncle Dwight (only living Uncle on father side) drove from Virginia to share stories with all the "little ones" about their parents and his parents. The other special guest was Aunt Midge. She is the only living Aunt on the mother's side. She had wanted to adopt 2 of the children in 1950, but the courts had said that the mother's side of the family was not allowed to adopt children.
On Saturday afternoon we loaded up the cars and went to my sisters house for a hot dog roast. There we enjoyed games of lawn darts and ball games! We got all the hot dogs roasted before the storms moved in!

Sunday was our last full day together. A large dinner was enjoyed. Bev had written a poem that she read and it was toasted by all! Sandy brought a cake that said..."Welcome Back to the Little Shelton Gang" We shared gifts, and tears. Everyone had brought pictures of them growing up! BUT I think the greatest gift of all was pictures that Winnona gave to Bev. The earliest picture that Bev had had was of her at 5 years old. She was thrilled with her baby picture! She had to show everyone ...."LOOK it is me...I was a baby! OH and what a cute baby I was!" Richard and his wife Merle brought one for Eddie too!
On Monday it was time to say "See ya later!". They have all made a pact to never say "Good-Bye" EVER again! In a few short months we added MANY names to our Christmas card list and to our phone books too! This year we are hoping for an even bigger reunion and maybe I can make it without a broken leg! All the Shelton Children plan to bring their children and grandchildren. After 46 years of being apart, we never want to loose touch again! This was a reunion to treasure for a lifetime!

A reunion July 5, 1997 was held near where the kids all grew up. It was alot of fun to meet even more family! We were so excited! Winnona came from Texas and the reunion was held in the town that they lived in at one time! Was a wonderful time! We talk on the phone all the time, but it is just not the same as REAL huggin!
Reunion was held in Texas at my Aunt Winnona's and I could not go *pout* But my two Oldest got to go! That was the next best thing!! Next year I will be there! Job or NOT!

This reunion was held at Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Max's house. Opps can't forget Midget *their puppy*!! We had a wonderful time and my family was lucky enough to get to stay with Aunt Bev and Uncle Steve. They brought their daughter in law too! We had a GRAND time!! They say 2000 reunion will be held back where the kids grew up. I am not so sure I will go with Aunt Bev passing away. It just wont be the same!

In loving memory of:
Barbara Kay Davis
Larry Shell
Kristine Whacker
Terry Wayne Shelton
You never had the chance to meet us all. In our hearts we know you are there watching over us. Our regret is that we never got to meet you! And you did not get to see our family all together! BUT you are our Angels!

Legacy of an Adopted Child

Once there were two women
Who never knew each other
One you do not remember
The other you call Mother.
Two different lives,
Shaped to make you one.

One became your guiding star
The other became your sun.
The first one gave you life
And the second taught you to live it.

The first one gave you a need for love
The second was there to give it.
One gave you a nationality,
The other gave you a name.

One gave you a talent
The other gave you aim.
One gave you emotions,
The other calmed your fears.

One saw your first sweet smile,
The other dried your tears.
One sought for you a home
That she could not provide

The other prayed for a child
And her hopes were not denied.
And now you ask me,
Through your tears
The age-old question,
Unanswered through the years.
Heredity or environment
Which are you the product of?
Neither, my friend, neither.
Just two different kinds of Love.

This Poem has special meaning to all adopted families.

Poem written By My Aunt Bev...
Back Together Again

Isn't it amazing,
Our loves can seem so bitter,
Yet can turn so sweet;
For our 'Lost Family' to meet.

It must have been truly wonderful,
The love our parents had for each other;
To have had eleven children in twelve years
Times had to be tough,
For our Father and Mother.

Then fate dealt us all
A difficult hand;
Separating our family,
Across the land.

Though months of research on internet,
Unlike Humpty-Dumpty,
And all the Kings men;
We were able to put this family
Back together again.

The past is just that,
We should hold no malice or blame;
For we have found each other now,
To rekindle and hold high,
The Shelton Family name.

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