The Total Background Troubleshooter

If you're having trouble displaying backgrounds on your web site, you have come to the right place! This page will troubleshoot any background problem and lead you to the solution. (Although this can help anyone, it is mainly for GeoCities residents.)

Here we go...

  1. Have you uploaded your background graphic? If yes, go to #2. If not, go to the File Manager and upload your graphic using EZUpload, or go to the AnswerPoint for extra FTP help and the latest version of WS_FTP.

  2. Go into your GeoCities directory using the File Manager utility and click on your background's filename. Does it display properly? (Note: it won't be tiled like when it's actually displayed on a web site. There should be only one image in the upper-left corner.) Yes? Go to #3. No? Go to the Faulty Files section.

  3. Write down the exact spelling of your background's file name, including any capital letters, even ones in the file extension (i.e. .gif, .jpg, .GIF, .JPG). Go to #4.

  4. Following is the correct code for displaying a background image on a web page. Triple-check to make sure you have the correct code.

    <body background="filename.gif"> (Remember to replace "filename.gif" with the name which you wrote down earlier.)

    Make sure there is one (no more, no less) <body> tag in your document (not including the </body> tag), and make sure your background code is inside it.

    Make sure you've spelled "background" correctly! You'd be surprised to know how many people leave out the "G," spelling it "backround."

    GeoCities' servers are case sensitive. This means that "Background.GIF" is a totally different file than "background.gif". Mare sure the name you have in your code is exactly the same as what you wrote down earlier.

    Does your background work yet? If yes, great. If no, go to #5.

  5. Make sure your web page has the absolutely necessary "skeleton" code. A web page will not work properly without it.

    (Put the text that you want to appear in the title bar of the browser here, with no other HTML tags.)
    <body (Any other attributes such as backgrounds and link colors go in here.)>
    (Place everything which you want to appear on your page here. IMPORTANT: Nothing which you want to appear on your page should reside outside of the <body> tags!!!)

Is your background fully functional now? If yes, congratulations! If not, then you've probably overlooked something or not followed the directions exactly.

It helps to have someone else look at your page. Contact one of your neighborhood's Community Leaders. They will be happy to help you. If you don't know who your neighborhood CL's are, just go to your neighborhood's home page and click on the "Community Leaders" link on the side bar.

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The Total Background Troubleshooter

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