Hello there....I am Buck "the Big Man" Helton.

This is me on the left with my good buddy, Jimmy Jones of 1 A Chord singing by the campfire at C Quarter Circle Ranch in Gainesville, Texas.

The cowboy, while sometimes rough, was and is a deeply spiritual man, being surrounded on a daily basis with the wonders and beauty of God's creation and at night gazing into the heavens which proclaim His glory. This perspective is what I bring in song and story.

Here's an example of Cowboy Poetry.


You can always tell a Cowboy

YOU can always tell a Cowboy,

but not by the clothes he wears;

You see his outfitís been adopted,

by those who neither know or care.

HIGH falutin' city folks

Whoíll never understand,

The deep connection that exists

between the Cowboy and the land.

HE'LL cuss them long-eared critters

Then ride into town and brag,

íBout the drive he just come off of

Spent three months ridin drag

HE may wear a fine new skypiece,

Or a battered lid of straw,

But heíll take it with him everywhere

Thatís practically the law.

OH, heíll take it off to pray

Or if ladies are around,

But otherwise heíll wear it proudly

As a King would wear a crown.

HIS boots are plumb up to his knees

And spurs are at his feet,

With jingle-bobs a 'ringin

Thatís a sound thatís mighty sweet.

WHEN youíre out there on the prairie

With a horse between youíre knees,

íRidin back to camp

with the smell of woodsmoke on the breeze.

YOU see a Cowboy wont be found indoors

Or even in a tent,

No, heíll sleep out on the prairie

On those nights that Heaven sent.

AND smile as he gazes

On the wonders up above,

And thanks The Maker of creation

For the life he dearly loves.

IT'S a life thatís sometimes short on comfort

íEatin mostly Beef and Beans,

And thereís times he wont have one red cent

In the pocket of his jeans.

BUT you can tell a real Cowboy

By the twinkle in His eye;

For heís thinking of a day

Coming in the bye and bye,

WHEN Heíll cross the Jordan at the trails end

And meet The Boss of the skies,

And make his home there on the Golden Range

Where old Cowboys never die.


I'm currently based out of Shreveport, Louisiana but travel widely in the Ark-La-Tex region, as well as dates in North Texas and Oklahoma.

If you would be interested in having me come and sing for your church services or functions feel free to email me at the link below. I also do traditional COWBOY SONGS as well as WESTERN GOSPEL.

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