Ceremonies, Songs, and Poems

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Ashes Ceremony
Candle Ceremony
Dime Ceremony
Flag Folding Ceremony
I'm Your American Flag
Investiture Ceremony
The Gift Ceremony
Juliette Low Candle Ceremony #1
Juliette Low Candle Ceremony #2
Membership Star Ceremony
Nickname Ceremony
Senior Bridging Ceremony
Senior to Adult Bridging Ceremony #1
Senior to Adult Bridging Ceremony #2
Wishboats Ceremony
World Association Trefoil Pin Ceremony
New Law Ribbon Ceremony
The I Can't Funeral

Going to Day Camp
Part of Being a Girl

Girl Scout Interpretations
Troop Crests Meanings

Just for Fun
Fifteen Ways to Help Your Children LIke Themselves
Mystery Dinners
Scout Bucks
This is Not Your Mother's Troop, The Washington Post
Those Middle School Years - The Cat Years

Service Projects Compilation
Girl Scout Service Projects Compilation
A Little Girl's Eyes
A Little Girl's Heart
A Place to Go
Because the Girl
Bridging to Juniors
Counselor's Creed
For All You Do
Girl Scout House
Girl Scout Leader
The Girl Scout Leader
Girl Scouting -- It Matters
Green Angel
Green Angel Epic
Making Sarah Cry
Moonlight Ride
Ode to a Girl Scout Leader
Order of the Green Knight
People are Gifts
Phenomenal Woman
Show Her the Rainbow
The Circle of Girl Scouting
The Dash
The Gift of Thyme
Volunteers...God Bless Them!
What is a Girl Scout Leader?
What It Means to be a Girl Scout
What She Brought Home From Girl Scouts Today
When Things Look Bad
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking

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