The Circle of Girl Scouting

by Daphne Spiers

The circle of Girl Scouting
One that never ends.
A circle of laughter
and a circle of friends.
From Brownies to Juniors,
From beanies to greens
From little girl smiles
To bigger girl dreams.
As the growing continues,
She becomes a Cadette
Her knowledge grows,
Her goals become set.
As the years fly by,
Her mind and body grow,
She is now a Senior
Less to learn: more to know.
Here you might think,
The circle ends,
But in actuality,
It begins again.
Because a Senior gave
Her love and lost her heart,
To the little Daisies,
She helped to start.
The circle continues
Through the little ones,
Through their laughter
And their fun.
Girl Scouting is a circle
Full of love and strife.
Girl Scouting is a circle,
A circle of life.

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