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I hope you came because you saw my site listing in either a book, one of the many "search engines" or were transported here because you "clicked" on a banner or link located on someone else's site. If you accidently stumbled across this site or were referred here by someone who knows me, so much the better. Since you ARE here why don't you browse a bit... I hope you find some things of interest.

Who Am I?

I have many roles: I'm a son, brother, husband, lover, father, grandfather, educator, writer, researcher, consultant, student, computer enthusiast and retired Navy man, to name a few.

My Interests

My interests are many and varied. I enjoy computers, Civil War history, reading, writing, cooking, freshwater fishing, making friends, and spending time at the beach. In addition to the roles I mentioned above, I have had many others during my time in the Navy. I was a "shipmate," follower, leader, manager, supervisor, analyst, technician, logistician, instructor, teacher, specialist, helper, survivor, and friend, to name a few. I never planned on making an area in the site that would furnish information about myself but many of the friends I've made via the Internet have asked me to detail some of my career. So, for those who might be interested, here is an "abridged" version. As I spent 30 years in the Navy (most of my life) it should be understandable that I outline those years, chronologically.

My Origins

I was raised in a small farming community in West-Central Illinois; Carthage. Carthage has some historical significance, especially to the LDS as Joseph and Hiram Smith, the Mormon Prophet and his brother, were killed in the jail there. Though thousands visit the town each year it remains a small town. My life was not especially abundant with achievements and the prospect of employment in that day and time was less than "zero." It was on a fateful day when job applications were not meeting my expectations that I happened into the Marine Recruiter's office. I found the Recruiter had just gone to lunch so I proceeded to the Air Force Recruiter who had joined the Marine... I wasn't much for the Army but stopped by that Recruiter's office. He, too, was lunching with the Marine and Air Force. As I was exiting the building someone called to me... "May I help you?" I turned and was looking at the "crisp, creased, whites" of the Navy Recruiting Chief!

I had excluded the Navy specifically since my Brother was in the Navy and he'd told me he'd personally introduce my "behind" to his "boot" if I joined the Navy... Hmmmmm....

The picture to the left is of me, on the left, and one of my shipmates at my retirement ceremony.)

My Navy life began July of 1960.

13 July - 13 October, 1960 Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA. - Boot Camp

October, 1960 - May, 1961 - Naval Technical Training Center, Memphis, TN. - Student training as an Aviation Electronics Technician

May , 1961 - June, 1963 - VW-4 Hurricane Hunters, Roosevelt Rds. Puerto Rico - Electronics maintenance technician and flight Radio Operator in the WC-121-N Radar Super Constellation.

June, 1963 -September, 1963 - Naval Technical Training Center, Memphis, TN. - Student in Advanced Electronics

October, 1963 - October, 1965 - VT-24 Training Squadron, NAAS Chase Field, Beeville, Tx. - Maintenance technician and Night Crew Supervisor of the electronics system on the AF-9J and TF-9J Cougar aircraft.

October, 1965 - February, 1970 - VAW-33 redesignated VAQ-33 NAS Quonset Pt., RI. - Maintenance technician and Electronics Warfare Operator in the AD5N, AD5Q and EC-1A aircraft. All of the aircraft were configured for our Primary Mission, Electronic Countermeasures. During this tour of duty I had many temporary assignments which I list as follows:


- USS Wasp CVS-18 - Gemini Capsule recovery - (Recovered Gemini 6 & 7 at the same time) 3 cruises
- USS Lake Champlain CVS-39 - Fleet Electronics Countermeasures Training
- USS America CVA-66 - Gemini Capsule recovery and Fleet Electronics Countermeasures Training
- USS Essex CVS-9 - Fleet Electronics Countermeasures Training
- USS Forrestal CVA-59 - Fleet Electronics Countermeasures Training
- USS Saratoga CVA-60 - Fleet Electronics Countermeasures Training
- USS Intrepid CVA-11 - Fleet Electronics Countermeasures Training
- USS Ticonderoga CVA-14 - Duty in South China Sea, Yellow Sea and Tonkin Gulf included numerous flights in-country to Viet Nam.

In addition to the shipboard duty I was involved in many deployments which were shore-based. It seemed I was never home.

February, 1970 - July, 1973 - NAS Corpus Christi, TX - Night Crew Supervisor of Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department Electronics shop

July, 1973 - October, 1975 - Student in Aviation Degree Completion Program at State Technical Institute, Memphis, TN. - AS degree in Industrial Middle Management

October, 1975 - July, 1978 - USS Lexington CVT-16, Pensacola, FL. - V-6 Division Leading Petty Officer and Aviation Electronics Shop Supervisor

July, 1978 - October, 1978 - Human Resource Management School, Memphis, TN. - Student

October, 1978 - July, 1981 - Leadership and Management Training school, Corpus Christi, TX. - Instructor of Officer and Senior Enlisted Leadership and Management courses as well as Command Training Team field training and HRM survey analyst

July, 1981 - January, 1982 - VT-27 - Corpus Christi, TX. - Supervisor of Aviation Electronics shop of T-28B/C electronics systems

February, 1982 - January, 1983 - USS Holland AS-32 - Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine Tender - Independent Human Resource Management Specialist - Forward deployed to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean

January, 1983 - July, 1986 - Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Group 12 Staff - Chief Petty Officer in Charge of the staff Human Resource Management Team - Conducted training and inspections of HRM programs in 39 ships, 6 Squadron staffs, and 4 land-based units

July, 1986 - January, 1987 - Naval Air Training Group San Diego, CA. - Instructor-in-training in the SH-60B helicopter Electronics/Weapons system maintenance course

January, 1987 - 31 August, 1989 - Naval Air Training Group Detachment-1066 - Mayport, FL.- Navy's Course Supervisor and Senior Instructor of SH-60B Electronics/Weapons system for three sites teaching system maintenance

31 August, 1989 - Retired from US Navy

As you might be able to guess... I got my Seahawk "alias" when I entered the helicopter community and became closely associated with the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter.

Before retirement I completed my undergraduate degree in Education from Southern Illinois University which I attended while performing my regular military duties. After retirement I returned to school to attend the Graduate Programs of Webster University and completed studies leading to a Dual Master's degree in Management and Human Resource Development. I like to think the first couple of years after I retired were my "transitional" years during which I was a "Professional Student."

The photo to the right is of my "fantastic" wife of 43 yrs. as she was being recognized for the support she gave me while I was deployed and involved in my military duties. She had the toughest job in the Navy: "A Navy Wife!"

We have three sons who are all grown and working. The oldest followed in his Father's footsteps and is a member of the U.S. Navy; the second son and third sons own a Custom Painting business and work in the home building industry.

We have three Grandchildren, one boy and two girls. A third Granddaughter died at a very early age. They are my greatest joy!

I worked for sometime as a Logistics Analyst and as a Technical Writer following my retirement and found it difficult to spend so much time "tied" to a keyboard doing the "proverbial" nine-to-five when I really wanted to be outside, sucking up the sunshine, bass fishing and doing more stimulating things. *smile* So..rather than be tied down doing "menial" things I decided to do more important work...like "Surfing the Internet."

I have done considerable independent consulting in management and training and would enjoy doing more. Anyone in the Jacksonville, Florida Metro area wishing to know more about my qualifications can contact me at my E-mail address by clicking on the button below.

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