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Last update was on 08 April 2004. Thank you. Our email address has changed, so please change your address book to reflect the new address listed at the bottom of the page. My goal, is to help as many people as possible with their research through the links I have provided. Genealogy is something we take very serious, if not for our ancestors we would would not be here. I plan on educating myself and my family to the best of my ability about our history and PROUD heritage. Please have a seat and be comfortable. Get your coffee and relax while visiting us. You will find links to surnames, vital records, military, government, state, maps, genealogy programs, graphics and so much more. You will also find links to many wonderful genealogy area's & home pages. Add us to your bookmarks and come as often as you like to use the many links available for you. Before you leave, please vote for us if you think we have a great site. You can vote by clicking the Vote for on the top banner where you can rate our site and you will see the Starting Point Icon below. Just click on it and that's all to it. Let us know if you belong on the Cousin Internet List. One more thing I should mention, is that due to the requirements of GeoCities, I have been asked by them to remove my Hobby / Crafts Counter. The count as of 13 January 1999 was 1,737,656. God bless you all!


I would like to take this time to share a special moment with you. We have dedicated this page to our mother Mary Elizabeth Johnson Morrissey. Mom was a lady of many values. She cared and loved everyone, always putting others before herself. Mom was born December 6, 1915 in Cordova, Rock Island, Illinois and died April 29,1997 in Clinton, Clinton, Iowa. She married May 27, 1936 in Geneseo, Henry, Illinois to Michael William Morrissey b. April 04, 1913 Geneseo, Henry, Illinois d. July 21, 1972 Morrison, Whiteside, Illinois. Together they had 16 children, and what a gathering this was on the holidays. Mom would set at the end of the large table in the kitchen and smile as she watched her children, grand children and great grand children. There will always be a special place in our hearts for mom as she was one of a kind. She knew nothing bad of anyone, always helping in any way she could. There were three special moments in her service that I would like to share with you. One was when our younger sister Cindy (who is a triplet) shared some of moms most favorite memories she had of each of her 16 children. This was a hard time for us all and yet Cindy should be praised for holding her composure the way she did. Cindy, no one could have said or done it better. We love you for it. Mom loved the Guardian Angel, which brings me to my second special moment. She had 54 grandchildren and 40 great grand children. Each of her children and grand children, at the close of her service, placed a Guardian Angel with their birthstone onto a pillow which was laid with her. And last, our nephew David and his wife sang the song "Wind Beneath Your Wings". The song which is playing in the background was truly meant for our mother. Mom we will always love and miss you, and would like you to always know that you are,

“The Wind Beneath Our Wings”

Help Needed

Surnames I desperately need help locating are *Baker's of VA.* *Ellermeier of GER. / Pru., IL. & CO.* *Heath of MA. & ENG.* * *Henshaw of NY.* *Millet of NY. & CT.* *Mills of MA.* *Morrissey of IRE.* *Perrigo of MO. & KS.*

If you are researching the following surnames. Please contact me at the email address below. To see my SURNAMES!

Here you will find more SURNAMES which my cousins have listed. Please email them by clicking on their name when you locate a surname your searching. There could always be another connection made. To see these SURNAMES!


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