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Peterman Family Connections, etc.

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Tired of chasing down a mortgage?
Tired of chasing down a mortgage?

Pages updated aperiodically. - Please check back for new information.)

This is a home base for our Family History research. This page will soon re-link to a GEDCOM file, in HTML format, of over 1100 of my ancestors and relatives. Please e-mail any additional info you have, or corrections, etc.! We shall see what follows that.

My "interest" in the Internet stems from my work. I have been in the computer field since 1957; Electronics Practice and Teaching (TV & Radar Engineering) 1945-1957. I retired, after 34 years with the Philco Corp. and Ford Motor Co., and spent 19 years with Madonna University (Livonia, MI), as Director, Academic Computer Services, now retired. Except for the Administrative Computer System, we "supplied" the faculty, staff, and students with the networked computing power needed to accomplish their work. This consisted of approx. 500 PCs and Macs, connected by a network, and all connected to the Internet. The University's Home Page is at http://www.madonna.edu .

Information about my family is updated as I have the time. Meanwhile, the topics listed for my areas of interest (Bible study, genealogy, computing, photography, etc.) are valid, and we are ready to receive visitors, both here and by e-mail.

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The PRIMARY e-mail address to contact us is alpete3748@gmail.com

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I retired from Madonna University in 2002

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