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You have entered Mosey World the Hamster Surf,
the Web's most comprehensive hamster site. We
feature everything you will ever need to know about
these furry cuties.

Also featured every fortnight, is the Cutest Hamster
On The Web
competition. Every week, hamster
lovers all over the world will send in a picture of their
beloved animals by email attachment. The cutest
hamster will be displayed on this site, so hurry all you
hamster lovers.

Pics of Mosey & son, also available are pics
of his newborn grandchildren!!!

Every month, a issue of Hamsters Know It All will be
published. It will be a informative article of interesting
hamster facts. There will also be a question & answer
section where any queries about hamsters will be
answered. The first issue will be up check
back often Hamster Know It All.

This is Mosey, our beloved hamster who have left this
world on June 1996. He has been the greatest bundle
of joy since he was brought home from the pet shop.

mosey asleep

Mosey sleeping in my hands


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