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Maggie's Climbing Party

Here's Alex laughing at 3 and a half years old!

Really slacked off on the website - sorry everyone. We have a digital video camera now and I've been busy playing with that and creating little quicktime movies... I think it's true that the older sibling has more media devoted to them than the younger sibs. I have to keep reminding myself to film and take more photos of Alex. Below at 20 mos

Greetings from Hong Kong and welcome to our website

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Alex at 2.5 months old

We've been back just over a week now and have jumped right in with both feet. The first weekend we were out with the masses, but only for a couple hours. Maggie returned to school and familiar teachers and classmates with no problems. Enrolled in a arts and crafts class taught in Mandarin and English. Still hoping she'll learn some more Chinese.

The last month in L.A. went pretty fast. We had a month old dinner with Becky's side of the family on Sept 30. We went to visit with Becky's parents in Redding on Oct 7 for ten days. Alex's first plane trip. He slept most of the flight and didn't fuss on takeoff and landing.

Paul arrived for a whirlwind last few days - baptism, big luncheon for Alex with Paul's side of the family, doctor appt, last visit with friends and much awaited for trick or treating.

Maggie was dressed as a bee and happily buzzed from house to house with Paul's cousin's kids collecting a big bag of candy. The times we went in Hong Kong were nothing in comparison!

His first week

Alex arrived Monday morning, August 21 at 8:42am after only 5 hours - lucky me! He was 6 lbs 12 oz and 19.25 inches long. Unfortunately, Paul missed the birth since he was stuck in Taiwan because of the super typhoon but made it back the next day as we were getting discharged from the hospital. So now he has more time to spend with the baby instead of waiting for the delivery (original due date was August 25). He has to go back to work in HK soon and then will be back later in Sept and again in Oct for a belated month old party before we all return together the beginning November. Whew! Lots of travel for that guy...

Maggie seems to be adjusting well and constantly asks to hold the baby. She has lots of people around to give her attention - aunts, uncles, grandparents... We've been busy this summer swimming and going to free activities organized by local shops (arts and crafts, storytimes). We've also paid to attend indoor kid playgrounds and discovery centers. Paul took Maggie to Disneyland this week - their first long outing together. They had a great time, especially the new Autopia, Toontown roller coaster and the carrousel.

We went for a short holiday to Tokyo in May to renew our visas and had a great time visiting Lucia and Sophia, celebrating Lucia's 4th birthday with Nobuko, another former Hong Konger, in attendance. We also went to Disneyland for a day - Maggie really enjoyed that. Did a little shopping Sunday before our return.

Maggie had her 4th birthday party in April at Peking Garden Restaurant. The kids played a few games, decorated the paper we had taped to the walls and nibbled on the food. The adults had a ten course meal to contend with! As far as I know, everyone had a good time. I tried to upload photos to this site but had trouble so in the end put them at Zing. Be sure to choose that photo album in the Zing window to check it out!

Maggie's birthday month, April was the rainiest on record in years but on a couple of rare sunny days we went on a junk trip around HK Island toDeepwater Bay with a group from Maggie's kindergarten and visited pollution parkwith Lucia, Sophia and Marina when they were in town briefly.

Here are some Easter photos from Spring break.

We still do B4FIAR on occasion since Maggie still loves books and I ambitiously purchased FIAR and some of those books as well. (I enjoy it as well, can you tell?) I've been lazy and haven't updated the FIARowing page. Everyone on the FIAR boards share so many of their ideas!

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