aka Mickey's Madhouse

For those questioning the name of this page, our home is what it says a pandemonium....What with three (+1) children, four dogs and now a cat..well..it, at times,(MOST TIMES)can only be described as a "MADHOUSE"

That's me shown above, C. M."Mickey" Mick III.....aka.. - Pick and/or Pickring

I am an Engineer and VP/General Manager of Vinewood MetalCraft,Inc., an automotive prototype stamping facility.... (I try my best to stay out of the way of some really great people.)

My wife Beth,shown above, the one who keeps this all going is an RN-BSN working in the operating rooms at the University of Michigan Hospitals,(thus the maize and blue color scheme of this page). I am a Mason (Garden City #587), Shriner (Detroit Moslem Temple),and Prophet (Al Matta Grotto - Dearborn). Hobbies??? (you gotta be kidding) Beth and I are the chauffeur's of the "Mick Kid's Traveling Circus" which means we drive them WHERE they want to go,(football,baseball,basketball,volleyball,cheerleading,ect) WHEN they want to go.....(despite what OUR plans might be).....then HAVE to retrieve them, despite SERIOUS urges not to. We enjoy among other things, the 'net, AOL, reading, working with antique auto's and particapating in events such as the "Meadowbrook Concours d'Elegance", white water rafting, and New Orleans at Mardi Gras. (and if you pry hard enough --- we will admit we do not really dislike tending to our children's,including the +1's, activitities as much as we let on.)

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Pictured are three of our four current pets; "Duffy" an Irish Setter, "Charlie" a Gordon Setter (our DARLING who we lost in June, '96, to cancer), "Fergy" our deaf English Setter, and "Emmie" also an English ...Our newest arrival - -

"Toby" - our Gordon puppy at two months - he is now 1 year (4-1-97) and although still a "baby" at heart is a VERY energetic 84 lbs.

Following are our children, Chip- age 21 (as of 3-2-97), Lexi- age 14 (as of 4-15-97), Jamie- age11 (as of 6-8-97), and +1 - "Mr. T", "Tommy Martin"- age 21 (as of 9/12/96). Should anyone wish to discuss the joy's (?) of parenting, the pets who have taken control of our homes or useful dosages of PROZAC, please E-Mail. Also, if you are surfing the 'net.... stop in at "theOasis" or "40plusgathering" on "DALnet" you'll meet some pretty nice folks. Tell 'em "PICK" sent ya then DUCK - kidding about the duck part - {maybe}- <:-)<:-)...LOLOL - >:-

C.M."Chip" Mick IV
A good Kid looking for his way.

Alexis "LexiBexie" Mick
Varsity Softball as Frosh, All District Softball as Soph, Varsity VolleyBall as Soph - District Winners!!!!!!!

Jamie "Neon Deon" Mick
Ann Arbor Eagles - Defensive Back
Age:10, Weight:71lbs, Height:4ft-7in.

+ 1..... Tommy Martin
"Mr. T" - Tommy was drafted by baseball's Baltimore Orioles and is currently playing ball for the Bluefield (WV) Orioles in the Appalachian League (Rookie). He has promised to return to school to complete his degree ---- he will because I amoung many others would make his life not worth living should he even HINT otherwise. Tommy will be a forth year student this fall at Hillsdale College - located in southwestern Michigan. He is shown above playing varisity baseball at Hillsdale, which he had since being a freshmen. Tommy also was a wide reciever on Hillsdale's varisity football team. His major is math and is minoring in computer science...... and IS a Dean's list Student.

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