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If you have ancestors who moved to the Mahurangi, Leigh, Omaha or Warkworth (0-D) areas, (beautiful coastal districts north of Auckland (1-D), here in New Zealand), I welcome your email for any exchange of information.
As time permits, I am researching the families who moved there from the mid 1800s to early 1900s. There are 6,000+ names to-date and I will upload these as I get them into some sort of order.
To-date a few of the families are incorporated in the Kemp & Kempt   Knaggs and Matheson Trees

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Brief background of just some of our families we are researching
Australia Brown  Edelsten  Mead/e  Pateman  Saunders  Sheldon  Zander
Brussells Roberfroid
England Baker  Coard  Davis   Knaggs  Lee  Moore  Pateman  Ruff  Tarr  Thompson  Wiggon  Jones  Walford
Germany Geserick (& similar spellings)  Zander
Ireland Fitzpatrick  Murray  Wells
Nova Scotia  Kempt
Scotland Kemp/t  Matheson  Morrison  Stenhouse     (both these Kempt & Matheson links are to trees on separate pages)
New Zealand - most of the above and many many more
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  John PATEMAN- b.c.1820 London, England was a carpenter who married 1857 in Peterborough, London to Emma BAKER. Emma had previously been married to Alfred COLE (no more details known). They had at least 3 children and travelled to Victoria, Australia abt 1870.
The only known son - Ernest William married Elizabeth Louisa MEAD/E, (dau of Isaiah and Mary Ann nee RUFF, who had arrived in Melbourne, Australia on 12 March 1857 on the `James Fernie').   Elizabeth had been a Companion to the Blanche GARNER, an actress known as Blanche STAMMERS, and it was at the theatre that Elizabeth MEADE met her future husband.
1898 saw Ernest travel to Auckland, New Zealand to become Manager of a Cigar Company. The Co. originally intended to open a branch in Auckland, but unfortunately, soon after Ernest's arrival,  their plans changed and they moved to Wellington, NZ.  By this time, Elizabeth and her 7 children had arrived on the 'Elingamite' so the family decided to stay in Auckland.   Ernest and Elizabeth had 3 more children and Ernest went on to become a cigar-maker, followed by a long period working for the NZ Railways.
Ernest's elder sister - Jessie bc1859 London, Eng married Charles BROWN in Vic, Australia 1878 and had 7 children.
Elizabeth - the younger sister bc1866 married Joseph SHELDON in 1890.
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  William DAVIS  was born 1809 at Dover, Kent, England and died 1846 in the Parish of Charlton St James, Kent.   Present at this death in Biggin St, was a James DAVIS. In the 1841 census there was a James (bc1816) , Sarah (bc1815) & Thomas (bc1839) DAVIS at Biggan St. We are trying to establish if these 3 people are related to William.
William had been a builder and married Mary Ann WIGGON nee LEE in 1836. Three children are known of - George, William Henry and Annie.
George (bpt.1841) arrived in New Zealand in 1853, and served time fighting in the NZ Maori Wars in the North Island, after which, in 1872, he married Sarah TARR. Sarah's parents were Joh and Elizabeth nee LANE, of Kingsdon, Somerset, Eng. who had sailed from Portsmouth on the London in Jan 1842, with their 3 eldest children. George went onto run the first land passenger service between Gisborne (1-E)' & Ormond, using a hooded express drawn by 3 horses.Sarah & George DAVIS had 12 children, the 5th being John Thomas who married Lynda Muriel May (daughter of Elizabeth and Ernest PATEMAN {of the previous story}).
George's brother -  William Henry married Mary who died c1924. They had 5 children - Mary Annie, George, Charles, Alice & Frank. Mary Annie travelled to NZ in 1893 as a nurse and for a while, was living with her Aunt Annie DAVIS in Gisborne. By 1919 she had married a Mr ROBERFROID and was living in Brussells, Belgium, where she apparently died sometime during WWII.   It is believed there was a son - William, about whom we have been unable to find any information to-date.
Annie DAVIS who never married, was a dressmaker. She arrived about 1893 in Gisborne, NZ where she died Aug 1919.
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  On Aug 2nd 1874, John MURRAY married Bridget FITZPATRICK. They were both born in Drung, Cavan, Ireland, John - c1842 and Bridget (known as Bedelia) c1855. They departed on the`India', in Nov 1874 bound for Auckland, NZ (1-D)', where they settled in Onehunga and had 6 children - John, Burnett, Hugh, William, Mary and Patrick. Patrick Stephen married Victoria Beatrice SAUNDERS who was born c1888 in Geelong, Vic, Australia and died 1967 in Gis, NZ. She was the dau of George and Elizabeth nee EDELSTEN.  
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  John COARD was born about 1838 in Manchester, Eng to James and Alice nee LINDON. He married Mary TAYLOR - the daughter of Michael and Martha nee LEACH. In May 1863, with their eldest son - James, aged 1yr, they emigrated to NZ on the `British Crown'. John and Mary settled in Christchurch, New Zealand (3-C) and had 6 more children - Martha, Samuel, Margaret, Jane, Sarah and Mary. Margaret (my paternal gt.grandmother) married Joseph THOMPSON, (b.1862 Oldham, Lan, England to Joseph Edmund and Sarah nee DODD or BOYD). As Joseph had only been in the country 15 days before the marriage (according to the Intention to Marry), and Margaret was born in NZ, I suspect he had been here previously, and then left. Joseph and Margaret had 6 children - Margaret, Ada, Mary, Martha, Myrtle and Francis.  

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 James MOORE born c1860 London, England was the son of James (a chemist) and Isabella nee HARRIS.  He arrived in NZ about Feb. 1881 and 18 months later married Margaret Jane WELLS, a spinster of Wellington, NZ (2-D). There were 2 children to this marriage - Arthur and James.  In 1893 Margaret married Albert Henry GREER. After obtaining a number of wrong certificates, I am still unsuccessful, in finding a death for James MOORE.   The mystery of Margaret is much greater.  According to certificates obtained, concerning her families, she was born sometime between 1859 & 1866 and her maiden name could be WELLS,  BULLOCK,  TWYNEHAM  or  TWINEHAM.   The fact that she was born in Ireland, has been the only constant piece of data about this lady.
James MOORE & Margaret (WELLS -for now) are gt.grandparents of mine and if you can shed any sort of light on this mystery, I would love to hear from you. I have searched shipping records for their entry to NZ and they have been only found on 1 electoral roll.
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 John Emil Oscar ZANDER (the son of a bricklayer), was born in Berlin, Germany and married Caroline Friedericke GESERICK of Luckenwalde.   In October 1876, with their 2 eldest children, they emigrated on the `Lammershagen' to Maryborough, Qld, Australia.  It is not yet known, exactly how long they were there, but by the middle of 1879, they were in Auckland, New Zealand.  They lived mostly around the Warkworth (0-D) area (which is north of Auckland) and further north in Whangarei for awhile..  They had 11 children in all, losing 2 in infancy (one in Qld and a second in Whangarei, NZ). John Emil was a cabinetmaker of some repute here in Auckland (1-D) and some of his furniture still stands in historical houses.
Their 2nd child, Anna Wilhelmina Caroline (my gt.grandmother) b.1875 Berlin married Richard John KNAGGS - the son of George William KNAGGS and Isabella nee KEMPT. George was born 1841 in Kilham, East Yorkshire, England and had arrived in NZ on the `Whirlwind' in 1859 with his Parents - Richard KNAGGS and Elizabeth nee WILSON. Isabella KEMPT had arrived in NZ from Nova Scotia on the `Ellen Lewis' in May 1860 with her Parents - Duncan KEMPTand Mary nee MORRISON
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