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I'm sure if you look close you'll find something in here that interests you! I have such a wide variety of interests there is bound to be something for all!

You'll find everything from a littlebit about myself and my interests to the websites and MySpace pages of some of my friends and Family members. Just take a look.....if you don't like it....well....SORRY!...I don't give refunds!

...Here's a brief run down about me. Well.....for those of you who don't know all the info already! And most of it is something you're gonna ask anyway.

........SOooo,......Here ya go! I finally hit the 40 something decade,
I am married (OOPS, NOPE, DIVORCING) and the mother of 1 girl, and soon to be ex-stopmother of his two girls...

Katelyn (my beautiful daughter) Brittany is in the middle. Shelby on the end.

If you like hotrod cars go visit numbnuts page. To visit his web site, you can GO HERE !

It's mostly about cars, (especially the 69' Hurst Olds)

I also have some pets in the house. I love my animals! Here are those worth mentioning...

img src=/heartland/6170/Pets/couchpaulo.GIF width=250 height=250>

They are GrayOne (She's passed on), Paulo the Greyhound (he passed on) Juda and C.C. the Yellow Lab, in that order.

OH yea...and then...if you want to know about some of my other family......WELL !!!!!

I have a brother who is multi-talented. He owns a local bar in Jefferson City, Missouri, and he sells real estate for ReMax. (As did my wonderful mother, before she passed on in 2000)

........there's more to come in this area, soon!

... Wow....Can you believe that I'm educated too!

I have a BS degree in Computer Information Systems, and I have a Masters degree in Sociology & Criminal Justice! The criminal mind fascinates me! Why do criminals do what they do and how can we prevent it!......(uuummmm...and I wonder how many blame their parents??)

At one time I had a passion for working with kids! (They are the future,....And they are where we should start!!!) I have had experience working with kids in many areas, including Social Work/Foster Care system, Counseling, Residential & Detention Facilities, and the Juvenile Court System.

For a little information about

TOPICS I've Researched throughout my education

......Like Domestic Violence, Youth Violence, Serial Killers, CyberTerrorism and Internet Addiction............Feel Free to......

.........Look Here !!

OK, this is an important part of my page right here!!

I would appriciate it if you could take about 3-5 minutes and fill out this survey I have on internet addiction! It was for a thesis I did sometime ago! However, I plan to continue my research in this area for a longer paper in the future....(uuummm....maybe a Doctorate??) It is a very important topic to me and I need the help of all my friends!


Addiction Survey is Here!!!

Are you into the


like I am ??

Then ..H E R E.. is where you want to go for some of my Favorite Holiday Links!

Here are some of my favorite Chat's...

Club Gabbay.....Lots of fun in lots of rooms!

Healthy Choice Chat.....A whole lot of people!

The Gathering.....Excellant Chat!

The Globe.....Not just for chat!

Here are the Homepages of some of my Friends! Well, OK, 2 of them are just the pages of someone whose homepage I really liked!

Amadmess' Homepage.....What a MESS this is! (tell him Lolli says, HEY!)

Buff/Randy's Homepage.....a lot of good Information! (tell him I said HEY too !)

Robin's FYI Page......More fun stuff to enjoy!

I guess at some point in life everybody has a cause.

You Save the Whales, Recycling, The Rain Forests, and others!

Sooo,....I guess (after helping kids) this is one of mine!

The Wolf !!

Take a look at this sweet guy.....

His name is Ramses.

If you'd like to know more about how to help them or maybe are interested in adopting one (or more)....Just go

Here !!!

...Or click on Ramses, above!!!

What about some of these fun places to go!

Virtual Flowers......Send them flowers!

The Park Flowers and other Stuff.....More flowers anyone?

MIDI files By Bob Mace.....good selection of tunes

MapQuest!.....great for the traveler

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