†Waggy/Wagy†Family History

This is the genealogy† of Philip Waggy and of his wife, Susannah, and of their descendants.†† Anyone with the name Waggy or Wagy in the United States are decendants of Philip.† This is an outline of the different lines of descent, and the places where they lived and died, their skills and occupations, and of the men and woman who married into the Waggy family.

This paper is a collection of several sources of information.† I began gathering Waggy history† in 1996 so Iím a very late comer to this ever on going project, or "labor of love" as Mr. Clarence Mulkin put it in his Waggy Family paper.†† There is no better time to thank everyone who contributed but now.† Thank you.

The Waggy/Wagy Family
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