Introduction to the Malay Language
Descriptive Study of Phonological Differences Between Bahasa Malaysia & Bahasa Indonesia by Farah Eleena Mahdzan

Introduction to the Malay Language

The Malay language is a member of the Western Group of the Austronesian Family, and is the native language of the Deutro-Malays, or modern Malays (Hassan 1). People in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei speak Malay as their first or second language. Like English and other languages in the world, it has many different dialects, ranging from Batavian to Kelantanese. Each dialect has its own way of sounding, and a native speaker of the language can usually tell a dialect from another.

Bahasa Melayu

In this research paper, two dialects of Malay will be observed:

  • the standard Malay spoken in Malaysia (Bahasa Malaysia), and

  • the standard Malay spoken in Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia).

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