Smile! :-) PeachyGirl's Cyberhome Smile! :-)

This is what I call my clueless look...
Peachy Me!
...this is the look I wore during the making of my homepage:)

My flesh embodies a peach's soul.

More peach juice! Hello!!:) Welcome to my little home in Cyberspace:) I have spent a lotta time figuring out how to pull off my own homepage but the hours I spent were fun and worth my time, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it:) Want to hear about the peach??:)

The orchard I call my family! I also am the squirt of a family of five!:) My family are fabulous!! You should meet them!:) They have molded me into the peach that I am!!:)

A branch of my fruitful roots! If you could not tell already, I am a BIG christian:) Reborn in fact:) Everyday I look for new insight of the Lord, my heart is filled so much with His love and Spirit that He gives to any open heart:) Come and check out some of my daily God Thoughts:)

Some of my outside influences! Where would I be without my buds??:) I have GREAT GREAT buds that I admire and adore, come meet some of them....and hear some of their achievments that I am sooooooo proud of!!:)

Save The Peaches!

Tell me what you thought!! Suggestions are sooooo needed!:)

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Zulishk is the wonderful guy who helped me create this page---actually..I did it and he did an unbelievable touch-up job!:) He is a glorious guy and I am so fortunate to know him! Just a GREAT BIG THANKS to Zulishk and, help me out here...visit his page and help me tell him how wonderful he is, And don't forget to sign the application!!:)

Links to other sites on the Web

My wonderful brother Jason got a job at Safeco. Check it out and maybe then you can explain to me just what he does;)
Living in the Seattle area I am exposed to the artsy fartsy life. This is something that I greatly appreciate!:) I have seen a lot of perfomances by the Seattle Symphony and Director Gerald Scharwz. Check out their homepage:)
I am a fitness freak you could say:) This is one of my fav pages referring to the fitness world. Visit to pick up Many many tips to greater health and fitness and links to other "cybercise" pages:)
I am very blessed to live in the Northwest...check out this page to view the beauty of my area:)
This is my Hairdresser's Vicki's homepage:) She has done an excellent job:)
Was I shocked when I stumbled upon a teacher's homepage from my old Middle School...although I never had this is a WONDERFUL site, and, I even found my good Friend Diane and her Papa Klavano on there!:) Go check it out:)
Ever get a deep thought? If you have a shortage of them..visit this deep page:)
Do you love life?? Or, need to love it more? Visit this wonderfully inspiring page, and, leave with a warm cozy feeling inside:)
Come visit another GREAT chat page:) And, don't forget to kiss a frog, he just might be your Prince:)
The GREATEST musical I've ever seen is The Phantom Of The Opera...visit their home page:)
Need spare moo-la? Go play Bingo on the web and win money for free!! Good deal!:)
Do you have IAD? You probably do and don't even know....go see if your symptoms fit--I DEFINETLY have it!
This link has the most sites for online quizzes and tests! Go test your IQ, EQ, Personality even purity!:)
Like, do ya totally wanna see what your spazpage would look like ValleyGirl style? See an auto-valley-change with a click:)
Wowsers..I have gotten a buttload of tickets, the cops now know me by name...this site should be useful if you're a speedster like me (I was also voted Maniac Driver of my Senior Class--go figure:) ) It lists speedtraps all over the world:)

Thank you a buttload for visiting my homepage!!:) It is updated constantly so please drop by again:)

"Life's a Peach as long as you stay out of the Pit. You must watch your Free Peach or the Fuzz will get you."
People have already visited my home!! Whoo-hoo!:)
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